NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Carepoynt, a first-of-its-kind health- and wellness-focused rewards program, platform and network, experienced rapid growth across all key performance indicators (KPIs) in the first quarter of 2018. The company expanded its membership base to over 15,000 nationwide, tripled transactions and added dozens of new regional and national partners into the Carepoynt Community. Carepoynt was recently awarded the Start-up of the Year award from the American Business Awards and now, with a new round of seed funding complete, the company is poised to make a major impact in the expansive health and wellness marketplace.

“We had a stellar start to 2018 and the momentum continues to build,” said company CEO and founder, Tim Stanley. “By creating our Rewardsware for Healthcare cloud platform and the Carepoynt Community of partners, providers, employers and payers, we have given health-conscious consumers a convenient, hassle-free service to inspire them to stay well, be fit and use CarePoynts to take advantage of hundreds of rewards options from some of the biggest names in health and retail wellness. Our ongoing growth, investor interest, market expansions and expert accolades are just the beginning of Carepoynt’s journey to fulfill its mission of making healthcare more rewarding for all.” 

In summary for Q1 2018, Carepoynt is pleased to report reaching the following milestones:

  • Grew member base by 15x to more than 15,000, in all 50 states
  • Tripled Carepoynt member transactions to nearly 50,000 to-date
  • Doubled Carepoynt Community partners to ~400 including national partners like Nordstrom’s and regional partners like Miraval Life in Balance Spa at Monarch Beach Resort
  • Expanded its regional market presence to include Southern California, Northern California, Nevada and the Midwest
  • Launched the Carepoynt Connect API to expand availability of the Rewardsware for Healthcare CRM platform nationwide
  • Expanded the Carepoynt team and offices in Las Vegas and Newport Beach, Calif.
  • Completed seed funding round of ~$2 million to enable further company growth 

Launched in 2017 in response to the costly, chaotic and uncoordinated healthcare ecosystem and supported by a trusted advisory board with professional ties to Aetna, Kaiser, Stanford, Cedars-Sinai and others, Carepoynt is a compelling consumer-centric program, accessible through any mobile or desktop device, where members can connect, align, engage and be rewarded for healthy choices. Through additional features such as Share the Care™ and Carepoynt Cliques, users have the option to digitally donate “Poynts” to family, friends and non-profits, such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, Toys for Tots and more. Hundreds of local and national participating partners offer rewards including many well-known brands such as Fitbit®, CVS pharmacy™, GNC, Starbucks Coffee, Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Nike, Gap and Target.

“There’s no stopping us now,” added Stanley. “With unending growth in sight, we are more determined than ever to connect individuals and families with the wellness industry’s most cutting-edge cloud platform to help our entire society become a healthier place.”

About Carepoynt: Carepoynt is the world's first health-focused rewards program, platform and network that puts consumers at the center of their own wellness experience. Developed in response to the costly, chaotic and uncoordinated healthcare ecosystem, Carepoynt is a compelling consumer-centric program built around a multi-channel, cloud-based Rewardsware for Healthcare™ platform where members can connect, align, engage and be rewarded within a trusted network of health-focused providers, payers, employers and strategic partners. With

Carepoynt, it’s easy for members to earn redeemable “Poynts” by participating in healthy activities, engaging in care plans or promotions and making smart health-and wellness-related purchases. Carepoynt’s mission is to encourage healthier living, enhance value and improve the results of health investments, and enable more engaging experiences and better outcomes across the healthcare and wellness ecosystem. Carepoynt can also be leveraged for employer- or insurer-based wellness programs to foster smarter care planning and better results for patients and providers, and also delivers more purpose-driven relationships between health-oriented brands and consumers. Members can succeed by focusing on better value, lower costs and improved results by participating in this shift towards a healthier society. From Rewards to Results > Carepoynt Makes Healthcare More Rewarding for All™. Follow Carepoynt on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To Joyn, go to For more information or to connect with Carepoynt, email the team at

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