Cognitive Systems and Cypress Semiconductor Bring WiFi Motion™ Technology to the Smart Home

Cognitive Continues to Expand Roster of WiFi Chipset Partners Supporting its Patented Software

WATERLOO, Ontario, May 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cognitive Systems Corp., creators of WiFi Motion™, announced today it is collaborating with Cypress Semiconductor Corp., the leader in wireless connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), to incorporate support for its patented Aura WiFi Motion™ technology. Aura WiFi Motion will allow devices using the Cypress WICED® software development platform to add advanced motion technology to better manage and automate the smart home.

Aura WiFi Motion harnesses machine learning and artificial intelligence to classify and localize motion, allowing smart home devices to make more intelligent decisions. Integrating Aura WiFi Motion stack into Smart Home IoT devices eliminates the need for traditional dedicated motion sensors that have poor coverage and are susceptible to false detections. Cognitive Systems licenses its Aura WiFi Motion stack to OEMs and service providers for smart home and IoT products such as cameras, TVs, speakers, voice assistants, thermostats and lights.

“With demand growing for more intelligent smart home technologies, homeowners will benefit from the increased awareness and actions that result from WiFi Motion technology. We believe that this is what the market needs to truly deliver the smart home people are demanding,” said Taj Manku, CEO of Cognitive Systems. “Our collaboration with Cypress will help us achieve our vision to bring new and valuable capabilities and insights to the smart home market.” 

“Adding Aura WiFi Motion support into our solutions will enable the broader IoT ecosystem to develop more products to enhance the customer experience with more capable and useful smart home solutions,” said John DaCosta, VP, IoT Products at Cypress. “Advanced motion detection capability will be fully supported in our WICED platform, enabling our customers to offer consumers the ability to control their home remotely and make intelligent decisions for the home based on motion activity.”

Aura WiFi Motion software will work on any 802.11n compatible platform and can be pushed as an over-the-air upgrade. This means there’s no need for any additional hardware or changes to existing design - available today.

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Cognitive Systems Corp., based in Waterloo, ON, is changing the way the world views wireless signals. Our patented RF technology offers unique solutions that use and interpret wireless signals in new ways. These advanced technologies allowed Cognitive Systems to build WiFi Motion™ and solutions that support a variety of initiatives within the smart home market.

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