OpsRamp Launches Unified Service Discovery

Company announces the 48-hour IT Asset Visibility Challenge to deliver the what, where, and how of hybrid environments in two days or less.

ORLANDO, Fla., May 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As digital transformation becomes a fact of life in the modern enterprise, it’s also becoming impossible for infrastructure teams to see the complete picture of their IT ecosystem. That’s why OpsRamp, the IT operations platform for the modern enterprise, today announced Unified Service Discovery, its latest solution that provides enterprise IT teams with greater clarity, compliance, and control over their distributed infrastructure. The announcement was delivered at the May 2018 Gartner IT Operations Strategies and Solutions Summit in Orlando, Fl.

This new solution helps Infrastructure and IT Operations teams see the what, where, and how of the hybrid environments that support their business services, from cloud to datacenter workloads, including shadow IT, cloud-native services, and forgotten applications. With Unified Service Discovery, enterprises can rapidly onboard and view their entire infrastructure, without investing in manual processes or expensive professional services.

According to Gartner, in its July 2017 report, Choose the Right IT Asset Discovery Tools for Infrastructure and Operations, “by 2020, 70% of I&O leaders will have purchased tools for IT asset discovery, yet only 25% of investments will drive business value.” To prove that Unified Service Discovery offers faster time-to-value than any other discovery tool on the market, OpsRamp has also introduced the 48-hour IT Asset Visibility Challenge, designed to provide insights into where to host your workloads by understanding how your assets and cloud resources are shifting over time, or they’ll get 30% off their enterprise direct OpsRamp subscription.

With the new Unified Service Discovery solution, IT operations teams will enjoy a new level of infrastructure and IT asset visibility with features including:

  • Live Asset Inventory. Do you have the right infrastructure in the right place? Understand the mix of IT assets across business units, locations, and services for your hybrid infrastructure landscape.
  • Asset Inventory Analytics. Is the business spending money on the right assets? See how your IT asset footprint is evolving in line with business needs, and learn which of your workloads are being underutilized or overutilized.
  • Service Dependency Maps. Which assets support your business-critical services? Visualize dependencies between your IT services and infrastructure workloads using service maps.
  • Multi-Cloud Spend Visibility. How much is the business actually spending on the cloud? Analyze your public cloud spending across service categories, instance types, and cloud regions. Use budget policies to gain control of cloud spending and alert users when you exceed budget limits.

“Unified Service Discovery is a comprehensive, hybrid discovery and dependency mapping solution for any enterprise in the midst of their cloud migration and digital transformation efforts,” said Bhanu Singh, Vice President, Product Development and Cloud Operations at OpsRamp. “We hear from customers all the time that shadow IT is exposing them to unforeseen risks and costs, particularly in a hybrid world. OpsRamp’s mission is to deliver new levels of visibility and control for today’s digital operations command center.”

“Before Unified Service Discovery, we were using different discovery tools and still not able to view, manage, and analyze our hybrid workloads in a single place. With OpsRamp, we can now understand our application-to-infrastructure dependencies for critical IT services and feel more in control of our public cloud costs. Given the visibility we’ve gained over our infrastructure, we can optimize our datacenter workloads, migrate to the cloud with confidence, and avoid lock-in with any particular cloud provider,” said Kevin Tucker, Vice President, NTT Data Corporation.

OpsRamp’s new Unified Service Discovery solution offers the knowledge and insights central IT teams need to successfully manage their dynamic IT estate. Combined with contextual monitoring and intelligent correlation available in OpsRamp’s Unified Service Intelligence, it provides the foundation for delivering IT Operations as a shared service that is more closely aligned with business outcomes and digital customer experiences.

To sign up for OpsRamp’s 48-hour IT Asset Visibility Challenge, start here.

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