LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., May 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Healthcare Administrative Technology Association (HATA), the national association representing the practice management software (PMS) industry, recently submitted to the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) its recommendations to the draft Predictability Roadmap. Through the Predictability Roadmap, NCVHS looks to provide the healthcare industry with a degree of certainty in the timing and sequence of the development and adoption of new or revised standards and operating rules as required under the HIPAA and other legislation. Highlights from HATA’s May 1, 2018 recommendations to NCVHS include a focus on:

  • Standards Development and Update Process – Validation of the business needs that are addressed and the positive return on investment prior to NCVHS recommendation of any new standard or operating rule that includes pilot testing, specific compelling business cases that will be met, and comparison of the implementation and ongoing costs to stakeholders versus the expected value to the industry.
  • Governance or Oversight of the Standards Review Process – Spur innovation and stay ahead of information exchange needs among stakeholders through the identification of a multi-stakeholder organization or association collaborative to monitor emerging trends and develop a comprehensive annual report identifying gaps in information exchange.
  • Federal Regulatory Process to Adopt New Versions of Standards – Streamlined, automated, meaningful information exchange through required standard transaction usage, including electronic data interchange (EDI) that includes: enrollment (attribution); fee schedules; pre-determination; claim acknowledgment; attachments; prior authorization requirements; and online automated appeals.
  • Data Harmonization – Information exchange that meets identified business needs of all stakeholders is required to realize administrative cost savings that includes standard data dictionary and mapping, as well as semantic compliance.

HATA’s complete recommendations to NCVHS are available on its website.

“HATA and its members look forward to working with NCVHS and the industry-at-large to determine the timing, prioritization and other factors that need to be considered with each of these recommendations moving forward,” notes HATA President, Eric Christ.

HATA is a strong supporter of interoperable administrative and clinical information exchange utilizing the HIPAA standard transactions and code sets and is actively demonstrating its support by developing its Certification in Healthcare Administrative Technology (CHAT). The CHAT program recognizes PMS vendors providing a standard level of privacy and security, as well as software functionality and features that focus on both electronic health records (EHR) and revenue cycle management (RCM) workflows.

About HATA
The Healthcare Administrative Technology Association (HATA) is a non-profit trade association that provides a forum for the PMS industry and other affiliated stakeholders. The association serves as the representative voice to advocate and influence key stakeholders and government representatives on PMS Vendor issues. Its members: ALC Consulting, AllMeds, Alpha II, American Medical Association, AMBA, Availity, Cognizant, e-MDs, eProvider Solutions, EZClaim, GeBBS Healthcare, Greenway Health, HealthPac, InstaMed, Medinformatix, MGMA, NextGen Healthcare, Office Ally, Optum, PAHCOM, PaySpan, PracticeAdmin, PracticeInsight, WorkCompEDI and Zelis Payments represent more than 600,000 providers. To learn more about the Healthcare Administrative Technology Association, visit the website at or contact Tim McMullen, JD, CAE, Executive Director, 844-440-HATA (4282) or

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