SAN DIEGO, May 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Suboxone, as an addiction treatment medication, has restored many patients' lives by eliminating the daily anxiety of trying to avoid painful opioid withdrawal. Feeling repeatedly sick and unable to function degrades one's quality of life as well as one's ability to meet family, work, and personal responsibilities. Suboxone strips which is commonly called Suboxone film is the most common way to administer Suboxone.

The restorative power of opioid replacement therapy is extremely valuable to those suffering with opioid dependency. Suboxone has provided an effective alternative for those who need maximum flexibility over their daily schedules. Methadone is highly effective, but does require in-person daily dosing which itself can be difficult for patients who have limited time getting children ready for school or preparing for a full work day.

Once stabilized on suboxone, your suboxone doctor will write you a prescription for suboxone so that you will have several weeks of medication available for use. Most patients prefer to take their medication once daily in the morning. Aside from this brief daily routine, patients are set for the day and do not have to worry about securing opiates to avoid feeling sick. In this regard, suboxone is an extremely beneficial treatment and tool for restoring a normal life. Suboxone is a medically-approved form of treatment for opioid addiction covered under many types of insurance, Medicaid, and is projected to soon be covered by some State-funded substance abuse recovery programs.

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