Jitterbit Harmony Summer ‘18 Release Takes Enterprise Innovation and Productivity to Next Level With Unified API and Integration Platform for Any User

Industry’s Only Enterprise iPaaS Solution That Combines API Lifecycle Management With Comprehensive Integration, Supporting Full Range of User Personas from Developers to Citizen Integrators in One Easy-to-Use Platform

Alameda, California, UNITED STATES

ALAMEDA, Calif., May 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jitterbit, the API transformation company, today announced the latest release of its enterprise iPaaS solution, Harmony Summer ‘18.  This release features support for the full range of integration personas – from citizen integrators to ad-hoc integrators to API developers – hundreds of new self-service recipes, certified GDPR compliance, support for the full API management lifecycle and a host of new connectivity upgrades, including the industry’s only iPaaS certified for SAP S/4HANA connectivity.

The key driver for this release is the number of new cloud apps which has exploded 30-fold over the past two years. The result is that connecting these systems and automating business processes end-to-end has become increasingly important as enterprise data becomes scattered across an ever-increasing number of internal and external systems. Companies need a way to empower teams of varying technical abilities to quickly compose innovative solutions through integration and APIs rather than relying solely on a small group of integration-specific developers to take the arduous, time-consuming and expensive route of manual coding.

The Jitterbit Harmony Summer ‘18 release provides a unified platform for employees from all departments and across every level of expertise with an easy, efficient and secure way to exploit data from any source through a click-based approach. New product features and enhancements further cement Harmony as the API and integration platform for companies that want to compose applications and deliver services in a modern, intuitive way to unlock innovation and compete in an era defined by digital disruption.

“Jitterbit’s API integration platform is the engine that powers Odyssey’s Web Integrated Network (WIN) system. The platform connects our clients’ back-office applications to WIN in real time through hundreds of APIs that were created by Harmony easily and quickly,” said Russell Marky, CEO of WIN Business Services and CIO of Odyssey Logistics, a Jitterbit customer. “Thanks to Jitterbit, our clients receive a 360-degree view of shipment process through a system that provides one location for shippers to do everything from select a carrier, simplify shipment processing, communicate with customers, and integrate existing enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs).”

“Jitterbit makes it incredibly easy for us to create and manage our APIs and integrations with just a few clicks,” said Juan Luis Betancourt, CEO at Humantelligence, a Jitterbit partner. “Jitterbit reduces the integration process down to just a few days - an endeavor that used to take months - so we can seamlessly infuse our AI-powered cultural intelligence into any human resource or applicant management system.”

A Connectivity Platform for Everyone

Jitterbit’s guided, low-code, scalable API and integration platform works for the entire range of personas and use cases to deliver ROI in a just a matter of days.

  • Any user, any need, one platform: Jitterbit offers the only digital-native integration solution designed from the ground up to cater to the requirements of various integration personas, from technical experts to a rapidly emerging group of business users known as citizen integrators. With Jitterbit, enterprises do not need to divert teams of developers to lengthy integration projects, nor do they need to devote time to train multiple groups of people on different tools. Citizen integrators can quickly connect endpoints, integration specialists can quickly orchestrate complex operations when automating business processes, and all users can quickly expose legacy data as APIs that can be repeatedly used for internal and external purposes.
  • Certified, pre-built recipes: Harmony Summer ‘18 comes with over 500 pre-built and certified self-service recipes to provide users with out-of-the-box connectivity. Citizen Integrator for the Harmony platform allows anyone to quickly deploy pre-built integrations for today’s most popular apps. With these certified integration recipes, as well as point-and-click configuration, Citizen Integrator empowers users without IT or developer expertise. While some integration solutions rely on their user communities to create recipes, those recipes aren’t guaranteed to work properly and are not backed by the vendor’s quality of service promise. Jitterbit recipes are guaranteed to work so users can connect apps with confidence. Jitterbit recipes connect a wide range of endpoints from popular enterprise apps such as Salesforce, NetSuite, ServiceNow, Workday, Amazon S3, Box and many more.
  • Popular enterprise connectors: Harmony Summer ‘18 includes new enterprise-class connectors for SAP S/4HANA and Workday, along with enhanced connectors for SAP ECC, NetSuite, QuickBooks and many more applications and systems. These connectors provide additional native connectivity and add more out-of-the-box integration to Jitterbit’s already impressive portfolio.

Full API Lifecycle Management

With Jitterbit, users don't need to use separate tools to build integrations and APIs. Only Jitterbit Harmony combines integration with API creation and management capabilities on a single platform to quickly expose data from existing apps and drive real-time integration. With Harmony, API developers can:

  • Rapidly create APIs in any format. Users can create APIs in any format, including REST, SOAP, JSON, and OData, then run and analyze APIs through an intuitive graphical interface. By having the ability to easily generate APIs or microservices based on existing data and apps, companies can reuse existing applications and business logic.
  • Expose and publish APIs via enterprise-scale API gateways. Internal and external API developers can now use the new Developer Portal to discover and consume APIs and microservices. They can not only rapidly expose any application or data as an API, but also optimize these APIs to deliver maximum performance and automatically document the APIs using OpenAPI (Swagger 2.0) documentation. In addition, developers have the ability to perform full API governance and rate limiting. Finally, API publishers have the ability to customize and brand their Developer Portal using Portal Manager.
  • Perform full API lifecycle management from any device. With rich security controls and user authentication, customers have access to advanced API analytics to monitor API performance and consumption trends, as well as comprehensive monitoring and alerting of API processes through enhanced API logging.

Robust Platform Security and Governance

With this latest release, Jitterbit continues its focus and commitment to security to deliver a safe and secure platform.

  • Jitterbit uses strict security measures to protect customer information and data privacy and to keep abreast with the latest security demands. Using Harmony, customers have the option to run integrations completely in the cloud without the need to procure and manage software and infrastructure. Customers looking for greater control on where their data flows also have the option to use the platform in hybrid mode by deploying the agents that run their integrations locally in a private environment behind a firewall.
  • Jitterbit Harmony surpasses the security requirements mandated by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for protecting personal data, and fulfills new requirements for consent to share any data collected from its customers in the European Union (EU), as well as for customers who want to access and erase their data. More importantly, the Jitterbit Harmony platform uses clear and easy-to-understand workflows to track the path of GDPR data, helping enterprise clients across the globe ensure that they maintain GDPR compliance as they connect systems and applications that store data from customers in the EU.

“Harmony Summer ‘18 is the first integration and API platform that realizes the industry vision of a unified solution for all personas and use cases, rather than a tool aimed solely at either technical developers or citizen integrators,” said Jitterbit Chief Strategy Officer and CMO Simon Peel. “By bringing together the widest range of self-service integration recipes and certified connectors, along with the most comprehensive API creation and management tools, Jitterbit’s goal is to continue to enjoy unequivocal support from our customers.”

With the Summer ‘18 Release, Jitterbit has also added significant upgrades for a range of other key functions and capabilities. These include a customer dashboard within the Harmony landing page that provides at-a-glance views of the key project-related information, improved authentication via single sign-on that supports multiple Identity Providers (IdP), and an enhanced Management Console Scheduler to enable users to schedule operations within the Management Console without having to access the Jitterbit Studio.

Jitterbit Harmony Summer ‘18 is immediately available to the public, and all current customers have been automatically upgraded to the latest platform. New users can try Harmony free for 30 days by registering for a free trial on Jitterbit’s website.

Jitterbit will also be hosting a series of live webinars to cover what’s new in the platform and answer any Harmony-related questions today, May 22, at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT/6 p.m. BST/ 7 p.m. CEST and tomorrow, May 23,  at 7 a.m. PDT/10 a.m. EDT/3 p.m. BST/4 p.m. CEST. Attendees can register for the webinars on Jitterbit’s website.

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