JOHNS CREEK, GA, May 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sirrus Corp. (“Sirrus” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK: SRUP), an emerging cybersecurity solutions provider, is pleased to announce that the Company is establishing itself as a Blockchain Notary Service Provider on the Ethereum network.

Sparrow Marcioni, Sirrus Corp. CEO, stated, “While the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have created an incredible amount of wealth and attracted enormous mainstream media coverage, the underlying fundamental technology that makes it all possible, the blockchain distributed ledger, is quietly poised to change the world and disrupt traditional business models in so many other ways that have only recently begun to be imagined.  Utilizing blockchain to create a universal and immutable timestamp of a document’s existence is one of those interesting and immediately commercializable applications.

“By establishing itself as a ‘blockchain notary’ utilizing the Ethereum network, Sirrus Corp. will provide attestation and timestamping to any digital document, transaction, signature, etc., in a manner that cannot be disputed and will even stand up in a court of law.  No one, not even Sirrus Corp., could alter the document after it has been authenticated into a blockchain.  This makes blockchain the perfect way to prove the timestamped existence of a document without a trusted third party.”

How a Blockchain Notary Works:  The “document” can be pretty much anything in digital format, from a conventional government document to a full-resolution movie or location-stamped image.  For a small fee, the document is processed to create a unique cryptographic SHA256 hash imprint.  The imprint is then permanently and publicly linked into the blockchain with a unique address and timestamp.  This link in the blockchain, and therefore the document’s authenticity, can be certified by anyone comparing the transaction in a blockchain explorer.  The document’s contents always remain private and are not stored in the blockchain or ever exposed.         

Sparrow Marcioni concluded, “Patent applications, copyrights, property titles, birth certificates, photographs, school transcripts, auto repair records, and many more; the potential applications for cost-effective blockchain notary authentication are virtually limitless.  We look forward to applying all of our knowledge and expertise in providing time verification and cybersecurity services to this revolutionary and innovative new blockchain application.”

The Company anticipates making further announcements regarding development, partnerships, and commercialization of its blockchain notary services business in the near future.  

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Sirrus Corp. (OTC PINK: SRUP) provides security technology products and services to assist companies with protecting their assets and information.  The Company is primarily focused on providing cybersecurity services to healthcare companies in the United States, which are required to be in compliance with government regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”).

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