AceAge Selects Applied Recognition to Provide Face Recognition Technology for Biometric Identity Authentication

Applied Recognition’s technology will add biometric patient verification to AceAge’s medication delivery solution, KarieTM

TORONTO, May 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AceAge, the maker of the automated medication delivery appliance Karie, has selected Applied Recognition’s Ver-ID technology to incorporate face recognition in their solution, making Karie more secure and user-friendly.

“It was a natural decision to add Applied Recognition’s technology to our flagship product,” says Spencer Waugh, CEO of AceAge. “Ver-ID is fast, accurate and unique in its ability to run without any impact on our monthly data requirements. Now, our end users can dispense their prescriptions at a glance and without worry that, for example, a child might inadvertently get access. Our partners understand that better adherence will both lower healthcare costs and improve health outcomes, as well as bring security to medication in peoples homes.”

Ver-ID is Applied Recognition’s line of software development kits which make it easy to add facial recognition capabilities to digital business processes. Ver-ID technology is distinctive in achieving high levels of accuracy and speed while able to run entirely on mobile devices, IoT appliances or ‘in the cloud.’ This enables the use of face recognition in use cases where it would otherwise be impractical.

“We’re proud that Ver-ID will be used to help people improve their health outcomes,” said Ray Ganong, Applied Recognition’s Co-CEO.  “Karie fixes the very real problem of drug non-adherence and does so elegantly. Everything is designed for simplicity, from how the medication is loaded through to the caregiver alert feature if a dosage is missed by the patient. This appliance should be used in every household where medication is being taken for a chronic condition.”

AceAge also anticipates that adding face recognition is going to further contribute to making Karie a must-have for management of late-stage clinical trials where strong documentation of adherence is essential. The face recognition feature will also allow users to digitally sign electronic medication adherence records. Set to be commercially available later this year, Karie schedules, monitors and delivers medication for its users; leaving no room for human error. Karie improves health outcomes, enables older individuals to age in place and relieves caregivers from the task of medication management.

About AceAge Inc.
AceAge is a healthcare technology company, creating intuitive products to ease the aging process and improve health outcomes.  Its upcoming product Karie is a home health appliance designed to help people take their medication safely, as directed by their physician. In addition to the release of Karie in 2018, AceAge has been working on various other upcoming initiatives, including i2P2 Studies.
Watch how Karie works: Karie - Medication Made Simple Video

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About Applied Recognition
APPLIED RECOGNITION INC. is a leader in face detection, recognition and authentication technology.  Founded in 2005, Applied Recognition has developed an extensive portfolio of patents for facial recognition & indexing, and for enterprise-grade, biometric authentication technologies.

Applied Recognition serves organizations that rely on biometrics to improve performance and security:  financial services providers, IoT device manufacturers, and leading software publishers.  Licensing is available for software development kits for the Android and iOS platforms to support online identity verification and digital signature applications as well as for login/authentication use cases.  ARI also offers Ver-ID Face Authenticator, enabling the addition of second-factor authentication to any enterprise IT access-control system.  To learn more, visit

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