Quartzy partners with IndieBio to connect promising biotech startups with the lab supplies they need to drive scientific progress

Quartzy and San Francisco’s IndieBio work together to support the next generation of breakthrough biotech startups

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quartzy, the only free online laboratory supply management and ordering platform, announced today its partnership with IndieBio to provide their startups with improved access to lab supplies, software and the support necessary to help new labs drive scientific progress and grow.

“This partnership is a wonderful opportunity for Quartzy to have a direct impact on startups in the Bay Area biotech community,” said Jayant Kulkarni, Quartzy’s founder and CEO. “We’re excited to help IndieBio’s companies get the supplies and lab management software they need to keep their labs operating at peak efficiency.”

This partnership follows the recent launch of Quartzy’s Redwood City fulfillment center. Located in close proximity to IndieBio’s labs, the new warehouse delivers a logistical advantage to the emergent biotech startups that often have limited lead time to spare on their orders and an unceasing need for consumables and reagents. With the Quartzy Fulfillment Center, these companies will benefit from faster delivery speeds, free and reduced shipping costs, as well as a diverse selection of supplies sourced from over 1,000 of the life science industry’s leading suppliers.

“We use Quartzy to manage our own lab at IndieBio, and it's been very intuitive and fast to use,” said Jun Axup, Partner and Scientific Director for IndieBio. “We recommend it to all our companies.”

On top of their free Quartzy membership, IndieBio companies will be able to take advantage of benefits tailored specifically for new labs as part of this partnership.

“IndieBio companies are tackling some of world’s most pressing scientific questions,” added Kulkarni. “We’re confident the benefits Quartzy delivers to these new labs will serve as a catalyst for helping them find answers and enjoy lasting success.”

About IndieBio
IndieBio is the world’s largest life sciences accelerator, having funded 81 biotech startups since starting in March 2015. Companies from all over the world apply to be part of a four-month acceleration program which includes $250,000 funding, dedicated mentorship, and 24/7 access to a co-working space and bio-safety level 1 & 2 labs. During the program, teams are focused on turning science into product, closing customers, and raising follow-on investment. With a focus on biology as a technology, IndieBio companies solve problems in a huge range of industries such as the future of food, biopharma and healthcare, agtech, regenerative medicine, neurotech, biomaterials and more. Notable alums include, Memphis Meats, Koniku, SyntheX Therapeutics, Catalog, Ava Winery, and Qidni Labs. For more information or to apply for their next program visit http://indiebio.co/apply/.

About Quartzy
Quartzy provides the only complete solution for lab supply management that includes the world’s most comprehensive catalog of lab supplies and deals backed by over 1,000 of the life science industry’s top suppliers like MilliporeSigma and Rainin. Relied on by over 160,000 scientists in more than 13,000 labs nationwide, Quartzy delivers full supply lifecycle management that combines world-class inventory tracking with user-friendly order request tools to streamline communication and save labs time and money. Founded by scientists in 2011, Quartzy has raised more than $22M from Khosla Ventures, Eminence Capital, Y Combinator and others. Learn more about Quartzy at www.quartzy.com.

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