All Mobile Phone Users Can Now Create, Publish and Discover AR Experiences


Lehi, UT, May 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, fast-growing augmented reality startup, Seek, is launching Seek Studio, the world’s first mobile augmented reality studio, allowing anybody with a phone and no coding expertise required, to create their own AR experiences and publish them for the world to see.  With mobile AR now made more readily available, average consumers are beginning to discover the magic that AR can bring to the palm of their hand, and Seek Studio turns everyone into a creator.

To make the process incredibly easy, Seek provides templates for users to create their first AR experiences. As an example, a user can select a photo on their phone, outline the portion of the image they want turned into a 3D object and then publish it to Seek. They will then be able to share it with their friends through popular social networks or text. A brand could additionally upload a 3D model of their product and publish it to Seek, providing an experience for their customers to easily view that content in their own home. Seek Studio will launch with 6 templates and will release new ones every few days over the coming months to constantly improve the complexity and types of experiences possible to create within the platform. 

One key feature of Seek Studio is publishing tools for users of Amazon Sumerian. Creators using Amazon Sumerian AR tools will now be able to instantly publish their experiences to Seek, making them shareable and discoverable to the world. “There are a lot of great AR experiences being created by developers today, but they can be a challenge to find,” said Eric Johnsen, Business Development Director, AR/VR, at Amazon Web Services. “Seek allows for quick and easy preview and publishing of an Amazon Sumerian AR experience in an existing mobile app. Our creators will love this!” Seek is the only app where Sumerian creators can instantly publish content to a mobile device.

Seek is focused on making augmented reality easier to create, publish, share and discover. Jon Cheney, CEO and founder of Seek said, “By creating a central platform for AR, similar to what YouTube has done for video, Seek aims to speed up the adoption of AR technology by lowering the barriers to entry. Seek Studio is a crucial component of this system, allowing anyone with a smart phone to begin creating and sharing content.” Content created in Seek Studio will work on iOS and Android, and it will support other major AR devices in the near future.

Seek provides a destination for consumers to find and experience AR, which are currently spread across various platforms and proprietary apps and can be hard to find. From consumers to brands, Seek Studio allows creation of unique augmented reality channels so that they can begin garnering followers that receive updates every time new content is published. Many brands and influencers have already begun to publish content to Seek, including Lionsgate, Samsung, Six Flags, Dani Cohn, and others.

Seek is the only platform dedicated to publishing, discovering and sharing rich, mobile augmented reality (AR) content that delights and excites users. It enables brands and creators to unlock the potential of AR by acting as a single hub for content to be published, explored and enjoyed on an ongoing basis, creating meaningful and lasting engagement opportunities with consumers and fans.  With a community of 500,000 users and growing, Seek combines the sharing capabilities of social networking with the meaningful experiences of mobile AR to provide a destination for any smartphone owner to experience all AR has to offer. Seek, has been recognized as an industry leader previously launching location-based AR app, Seek Rewards, and its “YouTube of AR” platform, Seek XR.



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