CHANDLER, Ariz., May 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SilverSneakers®, the nation’s leading community fitness program for older adults, is launching a new 30-day program in June to encourage fitness, nutrition, healthy weight loss and social connections. With more than 85 percent of older adults having at least one chronic health condition, including obesity, SilverSneakers has designed the Million Pound Challenge to help seniors change their lifestyles and reach their health and fitness goals. The Million Pound Challenge officially launches June 1 at The program encourages individuals throughout the country to pledge to lose weight and work together to reach a collective goal of one million pounds by the end of the month.

“SilverSneakers members know and understand that one of the greatest benefits of the program is that they are never alone in their efforts to stay active, eat healthy and remain connected in their local communities,” said Donato Tramuto, CEO of Tivity Health.  “With the Million Pound Challenge, we’re bringing older adults together to be social, get walking, work out more, and achieve or maintain a healthy weight. Plus, we know it’s easier to stay with a program when you have a partner; so friends and family can sign up too.”

The inspirational mindset driving the Million Pound Challenge focuses on doing the little things that make a greater impact on individuals’ overall fitness and health – such as going to work out more at your local SilverSneakers location and eating smarter. SilverSneakers members and non-members who sign up at will receive exclusive access to weekly workouts and nutrition plans that will guide and support them throughout the month of June.

To elevate participants’ workouts, SilverSneakers partnered with Michele Stanten, fitness and walking expert, and author of Walk Off Weight, to develop a 30-day walking and strength training program. Million Pound Challenge participants will have access to Stanten’s audio and video guides – which can be downloaded to mobile phones for free – that show how walking is the perfect low-impact activity for seniors, with benefits ranging from reducing bone density loss to improving circulation, mental sharpness and sleep.  Additionally, to help participants eat healthier, SilverSneakers partnered with Cynthia Sass, nutritionist and author of Flat Belly Diet and Slim Down Now, to design meal plans for each week of the challenge. The nutrition plans each have a different theme and come with printable recipes and videos.

SilverSneakers is a free fitness program for seniors that comes with qualifying Medicare plans, giving members unlimited access to more than 14,000 participating locations across the country. With national reciprocity for every location in the national network, SilverSneakers members have the freedom to travel and not miss a workout. The program offers access to the location, including weights, cardio equipment, pools and other amenities, as well as group exercise classes led by certified SilverSneakers instructors.

SilverSneakers has something for everyone at all levels of ability to support more than 15 million seniors eligible for the program. To learn more about SilverSneakers, to check eligibility to receive the SilverSneakers benefit or to find a class near you, visit

About SilverSneakers

SilverSneakers is the nation’s leading community fitness program for older Americans. The program was founded in 1992 and is available to more than 15 million Medicare beneficiaries through many Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement carriers and group retiree plans, giving members unlimited access to more than 14,000 participating locations across the country. For more information, to check eligibility or enroll, go to

About Tivity Health

Tivity Health, Inc. is a leading provider of fitness and health improvement programs, with strong capabilities in developing and managing network solutions. Through its existing three networks, SilverSneakers® - the nation’s leading fitness program for older adults, Prime® Fitness and WholeHealth Living™, Tivity Health is focused on targeted population health for those 50 and over. With more than 15 million Americans eligible for SilverSneakers, over 10,000 fitness centers in the Prime Fitness Network, and more than 25 years of clinical and operational expertise in managing specialty health benefits and networks, including chiropractic services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, acupuncture, massage and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) services, the company touches millions of consumers across the country and works directly with hundreds of healthcare practitioners and many of the nation’s largest payers and employers.  Learn more at

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