LOS ANGELES, May 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recognizing the need for better data coordination, handover and facilities management, Brickschain - the leader in construction blockchain technology, has released two new products: Brickschain Handover and Brickschain Chronicle

Using blockchain, Brickschain’s new products will revolutionize how the industry closes out and maintains facilities. “This is the first step in building a comprehensive registry of all buildings and their components, globally” says Brickschain’s CEO and Co-Founder Bassem Hamdy.  “Pre-blockchain project owners and teams were reliant on a series of excel spreadsheets and old school media to handover a project.  Brickschain creates a new data fluent reality.”

The construction industry is becoming more receptive to blockchain technology. "In time, distributed ledgers will become a standard component for collaborative products serving the built environment: it's great to see Brickschain helping bring this technology to the market." says, Jim Forrester Co-founder, Newforma.

“Our integrations through the blockchain enable connectivity between multiple key stakeholders in the construction supply chain.  Without this technology, the built worlds will continue to lose 95% of its data on handover.  By capturing these lost data resources, we gain efficiencies in asset performance and ROI for our clients just not feasible before.” Says CFO and Co-Founder Ron Goldshmidt.

Having launched only 3 weeks ago, Brickschain has already signed pilot agreements with four large industry leaders in the US. They include general contractors, engineering firms and large asset owners.  Commenting on its recent released and product roadmap, Jason Burns, CIO Sphere NYC, says “The team at Brickschain is the right team to bring blockchain technology and its efficiencies to our industry.”

Brickschain will be featuring their technology at the AIA National Conference and ENR Futuretech.

About Brickschain: Brickschain (www.brickschain.com) is the leader in bringing blockchain technology to the built worlds.  Focusing on building great products with the industry, Brickschain is changing how facilities interoperate by building a protocol, capturing, organizing, and exchanging data to better manage every type of built world asset. 

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