On April 13, the company announced the potential expansion of Biohit Ltd’s ownership.

With the possible trade of shares, Biohit Oyj’s partner Biohit Healthcare (Hefei) Co. Ltd acquires Biohit Ltd’s A shares and listed B shares from Osmo Suovaniemi, his family and their respective Interlab Ltd.  

The transaction is waiting for approvals by the competent authorities of China for money transfer and is due to be fulfilled in June instead of previously announced May.

More information:
CEO Semi Korpela, Biohit Oyj
tel. +358 9 773 861
investor.relations@biohit.fi, www.biohit .fi

Biohit Oyj in brief

Biohit Oyj is a Finnish biotechnology company operating on a global scale. Biohit’s mission is “Innovating for Health” – we produce innovative products and services to promote research and early diagnosis. Biohit’s headquarters are located in Helsinki with subsidiaries in Italy and the UK.