Bromium Go-To-Market Restructured to Enable Global Channel to Better Support Mid-Market Enterprises

New plug-and-play solutions and one-click deployments provide rapid customer time to value and significant new addressable markets for the channel

Cupertino, California, UNITED STATES

CUPERTINO, Calif., May 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bromium®, Inc., the pioneer and leader in virtualization-based endpoint security that stops advanced malware attacks via application isolation, today announced updates to its Partner Network strategy. Bromium has realigned its product roadmap and field organization to provide dedicated sales, marketing, and technical support to channel partners to ensure their success and growth. To support this shift, Bromium developed a series of plug-and-play security solutions based on core business use cases to increase ease of deployment and usability. These steps are designed to allow the company’s channel partners to better leverage Bromium’s powerful application isolation solutions to assist mid-size organizations in addressing threats on their primary attack vectors and solve endpoint-related security vulnerabilities.

“We are following through on commitments made last September to transform Bromium into a partner-first business with a new go to market strategy,” comments Gregory Webb, CEO of Bromium. “Internationally, our sales model shifted to be 100 percent indirect via new VARs and system integrators, and we experienced more than 240 percent year-over-year growth. Since the move to an increasingly indirect sales model in North America, we’ve grown our partner-contributed revenue from 30 percent to more than 70 percent. Our initial successes led to this important shift in our North American operations to focus on an indirect model, and we’re now investing heavily in technical channel support and channel enablement.”

Along with plug-and-play configurations that address specific attack vectors, new deployment bundles are easy to deploy, offering partners a quick way to demonstrate the value of Bromium solutions to their customers.

Bromium Secure Platform delivers unparalleled threat prevention via hardware-enforced containerization and application control, helping businesses isolate threats, prevent breaches, and gather threat intelligence. Proven in the military and among the world’s more security-conscious organizations, Bromium Secure Platform has traditionally targeted large enterprise and government markets. Now, Bromium has developed a series of use cases that provide end users and channel partners with out-of-the-box solutions, targeted at specific customer pain points. The first three solutions launch imminently, offering Email Attachment Protection, Spear Phishing Protection, and Malicious Download Protection.

“Bromium has a unique value proposition – it’s not AV, NGAV, or EDR, but it does complement these technologies, which means we can sell into our existing customer base without having to wait for renewal cycles,” comments Donnie W. Downs, President and CEO at Plan B Technologies, Inc. and Plan B Government Systems, Inc. “These new Bromium offerings will help us reach even more customers and move into new markets that Bromium was less suited for previously. By offering focused solutions to very specific challenges, we can take a more staggered approach to deployment and get our foot in the door more easily. This will be a big plus when addressing the mid-market –  organizations who are typically more cautious when it comes to adopting new technology. I think it’s a very smart move for Bromium, and should be very profitable for their partners.”

Bromium offers a horizontal solution for any business unit or market segment that cares about security. There are four tiers to Bromium Partner Network: Bromium Solution Providers; Bromium Alliance Partners; Bromium Systems Integrators; and Bromium Technology Partners. Each offers specialized, dedicated support throughout the partner lifecycle – from recruitment, to development, acceleration, and demotion. The partner-first approach has been particularly successful with the U.S. Government, where 100 percent of the revenue is processed through the channel.

“Every day we hear about a new type of attack – a problem not lost on government entities, who are often the target of zero-day attacks,” comments Rich Fly, Director, Federal Operations, PCPC Direct. “Bromium takes things one step farther to aids their partners by aligning their efforts with many Federal contract vehicles. Whether the Contracting Officer requires NASA SEWP, NITAAC CIO-CS, GSA Schedule 70, or even continuous device monitoring, they will have an approved pathway that requires very little effort to utilize. We have found a strong partner with Bromium, and we feel that through their understanding of the needs and the solutions that they have to bring to bear, the feeling is mutual”

Bromium Partner Network helps partners stimulate innovation, extend service capacity, attract new customers, grow top-line revenue, and expand market reach. Key benefits of being part of the Bromium Partner Network include:

  • Simple program requirements, along with a user-friendly online enablement platform
  • Training programs, onsite support for partners, coaching, business plan reviews, technical enablement, and performance reviews
  • Marketing, summit events, support for partner events (upon request), lead distribution, collateral, webcasts and social media support
  • Sales support, including mapping/business planning, sales enablement, sales/qualification tools, deal registration, and demos

To find out more about Bromium Partner Network, please visit or contact us to learn more.

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Bromium protects your brand, data and people using virtualization-based security via application isolation. We convert an enterprise’s largest liability – endpoints – into its best defense. By combining our patented hardware-enforced containerization to deliver application isolation and control, with a distributed Sensor Network to protect across all major threat vectors and attack types, we stop malware in its tracks. Unlike traditional security technologies, Bromium automatically isolates threats and adapts to new attacks using behavioral analysis and instantly shares threat intelligence to eliminate the impact of malware. Bromium offers defense-grade security and counts a rapidly growing set of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies as customers.

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