Minneapolis, MN, May 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) made a preliminary determination of injury and said that investigations will continue on unfairly traded, low-priced imports of quartz surface products from China.  All five Commissioners voted in the affirmative. 

The ITC made its determination in response to April 17, 2018 petitions filed by Cambria—the leading producer of made-in-America natural quartz surfaces—at the ITC and the Department of Commerce (Commerce).  

Cambria’s petitions allege that imports of quartz surface products from China are being unfairly dumped in the United States and that Chinese producers receive unfair subsidies from the Chinese government.  These actions violate international trade rules and have caused material injury to the U.S. quartz surface products industry.  The scope of the case includes quartz surface products from China in both slab form and pre-fabricated form because Cambria and its partners sell slabs and fabricated quartz surface products throughout the United States.

"Dumped and subsidized Chinese imports are harming American workers, American businesses and American manufacturing," said Marty Davis, President and CEO of Cambria.  “We are encouraged by the actions taken thus far by both the Department of Commerce and the ITC to stop this unfair trading and restore a level playing field where we can compete fairly in a free market economy.  The unfairly traded Chinese imports have disrupted healthy competition and threaten to gravely injure the quartz surfaces product industry at all levels of trade in the U.S.” 

Continued Davis, “This situation was made possible only due to unfair foreign government subsidies and dumping by Chinese producers.  These business conditions are created by a non-market-based economy, China, exploiting the dynamics of our market-based economy in the United States through Chinese government subsidy practices and other non-market-based targeted intrusion by the Chinese government.  The Chinese government’s activities violate all the principles of market-based economies, and further to that, our existing U.S. and international trade laws.  U.S. trade laws are designed to protect free and fair trade, to ensure an open, market-based economy.  The practices of the Chinese government are rogue and extremely damaging to many in the U.S. industry and to the entire U.S. economy.  Our economy’s viability insists upon free and fair trade in a competitive marketplace environment—virtues assuring the proficiency and function of capitalism, the entire basis of American enterprise.”

On May 7, 2018, Commerce initiated antidumping (AD) and countervailing duties (CVD) investigations of imports of quartz surface products from China. The ITC’s preliminary determination is an important step toward duties being imposed to offset the unfair trading of Chinese imports.  Commerce is expected to issue its preliminary CVD determinations in September 2018 and its preliminary AD determinations in November 2018.   

Cambria remains committed to standing up for American workers and American manufacturing.

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About Cambria:

Cambria Company LLC, headquartered in Le Sueur, MN, is the leading domestic producer of quartz surface products. It is a family-owned, American-made company that employs more than 2,000 people across North America.   


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