LAS VEGAS, June 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Newly minted ERC-20 IADOWR COIN (IAD), deployed April 30, 2018, on the Ethereum Blockchain. Following a very successful pre-release token generation event, the coin, which focuses on revolutionizing the sports gaming industry, is launching its final, exclusive Whitelist event for approved participants, prior to release on the exchanges.

A working pre-mined, utility token, IAD with its strategic partner (OTS) is actively changing the world of fantasy and major league sports gaming by providing cutting-edge information from a highly advanced self-evaluating sports prediction algorithm (KIP). Why does it matter? Because in OTS, using KIP and IAD, a gamer can win, fairly, often and big - in fiat USD dollars.

IADOWR COIN’s Whitelist event is finite, limited to the available pool of 229,072,040.6106 IAD.

To participate:

  1. Set-up an IAD Wallet on Metamask (
  2. Register for a free IADOWR COIN account (
  3. Complete IADOWR COIN’s KYC Form (Know Your Customer)
  4. Minimum purchase is 150,000 IAD (purchase must be made using one of the following cryptocurrencies - Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash)

All Whitelist purchases will receive a bonus:

  • Purchase IAD with ETH and receive 25% bonus
  • Purchase IAD with BTC and receive 20% bonus
  • Purchase IAD with BCH and LTC and receive 15% bonus

IAD and OTS/OTSF with KIP are using the power of KIP to benefit all involved. While actively evolving the way a player approaches sports propositions, IAD, OTS and KIP are turning what is normally a losing proposition into a win-win experience. IADOWR COIN (IAD) is one of the only coins currently available with a working, real-life utility.

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