Supercuts Franchisee Association taps Decisely for Benefit Solutions

One of America’s fastest growing and most successful brands to benefit from employee benefits and HR solutions delivered on an easy to use platform

ATLANTA, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Supercuts Franchisee Association (SFA), an association of Supercuts store owners representing over 1,200 of the Supercuts stores throughout the US, today announced it will partner with Decisely Insurance Services, an employee benefits brokerage and HR services company serving the small business, Association and Franchise market. SFA will use Decisely to provide benefit solutions to SFA Members, including exploration of an Association Health Plan for SFA members. Additionally, Decisely will provide carrier marketing, benefits enrollment and administration, forms management and HR services for SFA Members, all from the cloud-based Decisely platform.

“Our SFA members want to offer cost effective and high-quality benefits to their employees to help attract and retain the best stylists in the industry, but as mostly small businesses, we lose purchasing clout on our own. We hope that together, we will be able to help our store owners grow the value of their franchise and help their employees,” said Cheryl Robinson, Supercuts Franchisee Association board member. “The Decisely partnership enables us to work with an experienced team dedicated to the exclusive service of our store owners and other small businesses.”

The Decisely solution, a broker-friendly, integrated, turnkey benefits and benefits administration platform, also provides HR management tools such as applicant tracking, onboarding, payroll, off-boarding and retirement, to help save employers time that they can reinvest in running and growing their business, while increasing their ability to attract and retain the best employees in their market.

“We’re honored to be partnering with the Supercuts Franchisee Association, an outstanding organization dedicated to building their brand and meeting the needs of its store owners,” said Chris Duncan, Decisely COO. “SFA is looking for ways to add value to its Members, and help them with one of the biggest challenges small businesses face – obtaining cost effective and high-quality benefits.”

About Supercuts Franchisee Association
The SFA is an independent association whose members together own and/or operate more than 1000 Supercuts salons in the United States and Canada. The association works to build and maintain the Supercuts brand while providing networking and communication opportunities to its members. The SFA is dedicated to supporting franchisees by seeking out new vendors and products and negotiating benefits for members.

About Decisely
Decisely improves the health of businesses and their employees. Decisely is a benefits brokerage and HR services firm specializing in integrated technology solutions for small businesses. With the right mix of recruiting, benefits, HR, compliance, payroll & licensed support, Decisely technology brings your most essential HR activities onto one platform. Learn more at

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