NextEdge Networks and Modus Certified as First Wireless Services and Infrastructure B Corp in the United States

Certification Underscores Companies’ Commitment to Improve Wireless Connectivity in Underserved Urban Markets Throughout the U.S. While Enabling Smart City Transformation

SAN FRANCISCO, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NextEdge Networks and its sister company Modus are proud to announce they are the first wireless services and infrastructure companies to be Certified B Corporations® in the United States.  NextEdge Networks and Modus join the global community of Certified B Corps with one unifying goal: to redefine success in business by using business as a force for good™.  B Corps™ are certified by the nonprofit B Lab® to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, improving the quality of life in communities through business.  

“Our B Corp status aligns with the mission of our customers, which includes leading municipalities and landlords, who employ technological innovations that can improve resource efficiency, save money, and help make their communities and buildings more economically resilient,” says Jeff Tannenbaum, Chairman of Titan Grove, the majority funder of NextEdge Networks.

“As the first wireless services and infrastructure B Corp in the United States, we feel privileged with the opportunity to have a positive impact on the cities and broader communities in which we work and reside,” says Doug Wiest, CEO of NextEdge Networks.  “At a time when it is estimated that nearly one-fourth of all urban residents in the U.S. lack access to high-quality and affordable broadband, we are in a unique position to help solve the Digital Divide for the many cities and residents that are facing these challenges.”

NextEdge Networks and Modus are wholly focused on improving wireless connectivity as a catalyst for more sustainable cities, communities and buildings.  The companies partner with municipalities to help them process wireless applications and provide database support as well as services to enable Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives.  Additionally, NextEdge Networks and Modus work with building owners and operators as well as IoT providers to improve in-building wireless connectivity and deploy smart city solutions, democratizing connectivity for tenants and communities, and directly aligning with the principles of B Corps.

To become a Certified B Corp, NextEdge Networks and Modus met stringent performance requirements outlined in the B Impact Assessment, a globally-recognized standard that looks at environmental performance, how a company treats its employees, the impact the company has on its customers and the broader community, as well as the company's accountability, governance, and transparency practices.  The companies’ mission aligns with the ethos behind the B Corp movement of aiming to be the best not just in the world but for the world.

“The B Corp ethos matches the heart of our corporate culture and will challenge us to become an even better company,” says Erik Corkery, EVP of Modus.  “We look forward to seeing the continued positive impact our company will have on transforming cities into smart communities with smart buildings through better wireless connectivity, and serving as a model for responsible business practices.  This is another innovation and a first from our company.”

Founded in 2005 in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and now with a nationwide presence, NextEdge Networks and Modus have since grown through continuous innovation and exceeding customers’ expectations to become the leading, next-generation wireless infrastructure services provider in the U.S.   Company innovations and highlights include the design and installation of the nation’s first 5G evolution site and market-wide 5G network, and the country’s first 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) support network.  NextEdge Networks is majority funded and owned by Titan Grove in partnership with management.

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About NextEdge Networks
NextEdge Networks provides innovative solutions and capital for the deployment of wireless infrastructure, related fiber transport and data aggregation.  As a strategic partner to wireless providers and building owners, they facilitate upgrades and deployment of wireless infrastructure which supports the next generation of wireless services. Their solutions seek to create a long-term value proposition for all parties which are mindful of rapidly developing technology and the need to continually evolve as data usage and applications expand over time.

About Modus Services
Founded in 2005, Modus has been a leader in wireless infrastructure site acquisition, construction and turnkey deployments, completing extensive work on behalf of all the major wireless carriers as their needs have evolved. Modus maintains a full suite of services, including self-performance of construction and last-mile fiber provisioning, allowing for control and accountability of every step of the deployment process.  Modus has become the leading expert on small cell deployments, having executed over 2,000 small cell and DAS nodes in the last two years alone.

About Titan Grove Holdings
Titan Grove is a private holding company focused on building mission-driven for-profit businesses that promote sustainable capitalism.  sPower, which it co-founded and helped build into the largest solar utility in the U.S., is indicative of Titan Grove’s strategy.

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NextEdge Networks and its sister company Modus announce they are the first wireless services and infrastructure companies to be Certified B Corporations®