NEW YORK CITY, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cypherium (, the fastest decentralized blockchain and first to solve governance disputes using proof-of-work, participated in the United Nations’ inaugural blockchain initiative. The Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development hosted the first Blockchain for Impact Global Summit at the United Nations Plaza in New York City on June 4, 2018. Members of the Cypherium team are supporting The Commission in outlining a strategy to help global leaders from all sectors apply this technology towards tackling challenges surrounding sustainable development.

Established at the UN General Assembly in 2017, the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development seeks to develop a framework to utilize blockchain-based technologies to develop local, national, and global solutions. The Commission envisions decentralized frameworks for conservation of natural resources, economic growth, financial inclusion, and public health, in an effort to accelerate progress towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

“We’ve long recognized the potential for decentralization, but most blockchain projects fall short of what’s required in a global ecosystem,” said Sky Guo, CEO and Co-Founder of Cypherium. “We developed Cypherium to tackle these challenges, and are happy to collaborate with government leaders  and UN agencies to develop real-world solutions around the sustainable development goals.”

“It is a honor to be selected to collaborate with the Blockchain For Impact community and the UN ecosystem on leveraging blockchain technology to drive social impact globally,” said Javier Farfan, Chief Marketing Officer of Cypherium.

Participants at the Blockchain for Impact Global Summit engaged with the United Nations system on blockchain industry governance, regulatory standards, and social impact projects, working closely with UN leaders to apply blockchain technology to sustainable development and humanitarian challenges.

Cypherium is unique in that it enables fast transaction speeds while maintaining the permissionless state and security of Bitcoin’s blockchain. It is the first blockchain to solve governance disputes using proof-of-work and Byzantine fault tolerance consensus. Cypherium will use its Cypher token (“CPH”) to execute secured transactions on the blockchain, and give users access to a more complex set of smart contract functions, such as sophisticated decentralized apps and implementing deferred payments.

Cypherium is a global, scalable blockchain infrastructure based on proof-of-work and Byzantine fault tolerance consensus for governance. Boasting a processing speed of a thousand transactions per second, the Cypherium blockchain is among the fastest blockchains in the market with built-in governance mechanisms that reduce the need for hard forks. For more information, please visit