T2M Global Awarded Grant for Demonstration of Low-Level Waste Heat to Emission-Free Power

LOS ANGELES, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- T2M Global, a green energy technology development company, was awarded a $1.3 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) recently to develop technology that can convert low-level waste heat to higher-value emission-free power without any incremental pollution.

Last year, CEC solicited proposals for industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy and advanced generation research projects that focused on reducing natural gas use. T2M Global’s proposal for Low-Level Waste Heat to Emission-Free Power was selected and received the grant through CEC's Natural Gas Research and Development Program.         

Industrial and commercial organizations use natural gas as their primary source of energy for their process heat, steam and cooling needs. Most of these natural gas users end up with low level heat that is vented to the atmosphere. This is a stranded resource that offers a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

“Our unique technology produces higher value electricity without increasing greenhouse gas emissions, a win-win solution to pollution,” said T2M Global President Pinakin Patel. “This is a great innovation that will help create jobs in California. We’re excited to work with CEC and to demonstrate its value.”

The technology being developed by the T2M Global team is expected to double the conversion efficiency at substantially lower capital costs, which could potentially offer natural gas consumers an additional source of revenue without creating negative impacts on the environment, a significant plus for disadvantaged communities in California.

About T2MGlobal

T2M Global provides a wide range of services for technology development and transition to market place. Its focus areas are alternative energy, beneficial uses of stranded assets, and organizing funding from public and private resources.

Bindiya Patel
Communications Manager
T2M Global