American Helium Announces Holbrook Basin Exploration Venture

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Helium Inc. (the “Company” or “American Helium”) (TSX.V:AHE) (OTC:AHELF) (XFRA:43UB), a resource exploration company focused on the global growth of technology-driven demand for helium, is pleased to report that it has has executed an agreement with Holbrook Basin Energy LLC of Golden, CO (HBE) to undertake an exploration drill program in Arizona.

The Arizona project location is in the “Four Corners” area where the States of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet, and in the prolific helium productive Holbrook Basin, a well-established helium production district where concentrations of the gas range from trace amounts up to 10%. The area has good potential for additional discovery and production. Helium content is generally considered to be of commercial interest when the concentration is above 0.3% (Casey, 1983, p. 749). The abundant nature of the region has led to anecdotal statements over the years that “Arizona is the Saudi Arabia of helium.”

HBE has developed a compelling exploration play of interest to the Company, and expanded lease negotiations are underway. Based on available data, American Helium intends to drill an exploration well on a recently identified target proximal to successful analogous wells in the area.

Along with its property in Carbon County, Utah and the recent May 29th announcement regarding an exploration project agreement with Yankee Resources for a helium prospect in SE Colorado, today’s announcement represents a significant increase in operational planning which will be regionally managed as a result of the Company’s recent decision to open an office in Denver to more readily and efficiently service field operations across it’s rapidly growing western U.S. areas of activity.

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About American Helium (TSX.V:AHE) | (OTC:AHELF) | (XFRA:43UB)
American Helium Inc. is an exploration stage company with offices in British Columbia, Canada and Denver, Colorado. The Company is currently exploring for helium in Carbon County, Utah, SE Colorado and Navajo County, Arizona while evaluating additional potential acquisitions in known Helium productive regions. With planned exploration well(s) due in 2018, holding potentially significant helium resources positions American Helium to capture an opportunity offered by rising global helium prices due to growing demand for helium driven by new technology-based applications. American Helium Inc. is listed on the TSX Venture, OTCQB and Frankfurt markets.


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