SAN DIEGO, June 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AttackIQ™, a leader in the emerging market of continuous security validation, today announced the release of Cyber Hunt Exercise Module, a new feature within the FireDrill™ platform that enables security managers to exercise detection analysts in order to validate and measure detection and response capabilities.

The Cyber Hunt Exercise leverages FireDrill’s ability to create assessments that run attack tactics and techniques against production assets in the infrastructure and adds a new workflow for detection analysts to report events of interests that may be part of a cyber exercise. Created in response to a request by a major entertainment company customer, the module allows security operation center and detection team managers to continuously and rapidly validate their security “pipeline” to ensure their analysts are detecting events of interests and their incident response procedures are working properly.

“Organizations must test their security teams regularly in addition to continuously validating security controls and technologies,” said Carl Wright, chief revenue officer of AttackIQ. “Detection is only one part of protecting networks - it’s also crucial for organizations to deploy an ‘offensive defense’ strategy to identify security flaws before the attackers. Our new Hunt module ensures that training and readiness of cyber operators is continuously addressed.”

FireDrill’s Cyber Hunt Exercise enables a new workflow that can be put into action by:

  • Creating a new assessment and selecting the Cyber Hunt Exercise template in the FireDrill platform
  • Defining the Hunt Targets by selecting Assets and Scenarios
  • Selecting your Hunters by adding detection analysts to the assessment
  • Setting a time limit for the total duration of the hunt exercise along with successful detection parameters
  • Running the assessment or exercise
  • Detection analysts will hunt for threats and report observations back into FireDrill through the Detection analyst portal
  • Managers can view the results inside the FireDrill platform, trending analyst performance over time with details into potential gaps in analyst knowledge, skills, and abilities

The Cyber Hunt Exercise is available now. For more information, visit

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AttackIQ, a leader in the emerging market of continuous security validation, built the industry's first platform to give mid-market and large enterprises the ability to test and measure the effectiveness of their security capabilities. The open FireDrill™ platform provides insight into how well current security tools, products and processes are working. The AttackIQ Community, which launched in July 2016, brings together the brightest minds in the security industry to challenge existing security practices and bring a more collaborative methodology to validating security decision-making. With its FireDrill™ platform and purpose-built community, AttackIQ is changing the security game. For more information visit Follow AttackIQ on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Vimeo.

Sarah Thorson