LOS ANGELES, June 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When technology, finance and art join forces, Veterans benefit. In an effort to help Veterans battle opioid addiction and overcome PTSD, The Vault App, a FinTech Company, has announced the formation of a nationwide art campaign designed to connect U.S. Military Veterans with the help they need.

Introducing The Vault Collection, a series of images created by Santa Fe based artist and former Playboy Art Director, Robert Harkness. The company plans to sell prints online to help raise funds for a variety of Veterans programs aimed at the opioid crisis as well as easing the trauma of those suffering with PTSD.

Helping Veterans One Image at a Time

The Vault Collection campaign will bring both awareness and help to those who need it most through images individual to each state. All proceeds from the sales of prints, as well as the eventual auction of the original pieces, will benefit a host of national organizations and programs geared toward Veterans.

One benefactor of the campaign will be the cannabis industry, which is struggling to bring awareness to the general public about the benefits of CBD, the non-psychoactive component in cannabis, in fighting both opioid addiction and PTSD. Used to help repair receptors in the brain known to keep a person trapped in addiction, CBD is acknowledged by the medical community as an integral help in the opioid war. Known to offer anxiety relief without psychoactive action, CBD also offers those suffering PTSD a way to relieve their stress while undergoing intensive therapy.

The first piece released will depict Washington State, with the remaining 49 states rolled out over the next year.

Harkness explains that his images will highlight the uniqueness of the American experiment from the viewpoint of individual states. This collection will tap into the viewer’s imagination, depicting reality as a kind of dream.


Operating as an independent technology company, The Vault App was founded by leading experts within the high-risk financial and marketing industries.  Having over 150 years of processing experience and dedicated innovative thinking, The Vault App offers a better way to pay.  “We want to provide an advanced commitment to helping cash-only businesses who are unbanked and under-banked gain traction, boost sales, and give their customers a seamless purchasing experience.” says The Vault App Chief Operating Officer Joe Mallick.


Robert Harkness has gained recognition across many industries including work with musician ZHU, Playboy, and Yondr, among others.  For more information on the artist, visit www.robertharkness.com/.

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