New AdWords Click Identifier Trailblazes the Way for Businesses to Discover Leads

Copenhagen, DENMARK

Helping Google AdWords users capitalize on their ads even further, the newly launched AdWords Click Identifier reveals the exact businesses that have interacted with an AdWords' advertisement. Over 4 million Google AdWords users can now access this tool to reveal not only the businesses that are clicking through their advertisements but also the contact information of the business's employees. In today's competitive business environment, identifying and interacting with leads in real-time is more important than ever and the AdWords Click Identifier provides an unrivaled solution. Revolutionizing the data obtained from advertising, the new AdWords Click Identifier not only displays the businesses company name, address, phone number, website, contact and email information, but also tells the business which keywords were searched and the advertisements that were clicked on. The new tool will benefit businesses by unveiling once "unknown" business leads by providing them with the opportunity to contact the leads in real-time via email or phone. The AdWords Click Identifier tool is trailblazing the way to help B2B companies understand and interact with the people clicking on their AdWords advertisements. The AdWords Click Identifier was developed using Fastbase, Inc.'s proprietary business data, which was also used to develop the popular Add-On to Google Analytics that's used daily by over 800,000 companies and top brands worldwide. AdWords users that utilize Google Analytics can now access all of their potential AdWords customers by signing up for free at in just a few clicks. Starting now, the AdWords Click Identifier is free to use, but the price is expected to rise since the tool will become part of an enterprise version later in the year priced at $549USD/month. The AdWords Click Identifier is expected to help businesses increase the number of new leads and customers by up to 66%. With Google AdWords as the most popular advertising platform in the world with an annual revenue of $80 billion USD, the new AdWords Click Identifier is predicted to be an enormous success.