Epic Health, Florida's Leader in Virtual Care Technologies, Previews Their New Third-Generation Virtual Care Solution

“Carie” brings a sweeping brand refresh that hints at the growing physician-led movement the company has become synonymous with.


Miami, Florida, June 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Telehealth innovator Epic Health has revealed the development of their new revolutionary platform, Carie. The powerful new mobile technology is their third-generation telehealth platform, a standout amongst industry competitors. She was built to fully elevate and improve the core doctor-patient relationship by allowing the physician to both consult remotely with their own patients, engage new patients remotely,  in-office, and, most significantly, while being compensated for all; it’s like no telehealth technology solution before.

By bringing together some of the greatest leaders in Telehealth, and working closely with their ever-growing Physician and Specialist network, Carie was created to prioritize convenience, access, and quality, a digital healthcare experience unlike any other. Though other companies have been successful in creating telehealth technology platforms over the past 10-12 years, the patient experience and financial outcome for the Physician has been abysmal, with a <1% adoption rate in the past 12 years. With Carie, patients use the platform to see their Physician or can choose from the network of Physicians, including specialists, that also offer in-office visits local to the patient. This offers patients a full-fledged healthcare solution that goes well beyond a 5 to 10  minute primary care consultation with an unknown doctor. At the patient’s election, this is their own doctor or specialist, at the right time.

Until now, the benefits of this 360 healthcare solution were only available to people who had the luxury of affording it. “By reducing the barriers of time, cost, and inconvenience, Carie is improving patient access by instantly connecting patients with their own trusted Physicians in partnership with the revolutionary two-sided marketplace at HealthShare™,” stated CEO and Founder, Matt Wanderer.

“Our high-tech and high-touch approach means that our team is focused on building smart technology that takes into account all the important doctor-patient touchpoints in a seamless and simple digital experience that truly improves health outcomes,” says Wanderer. The solution was built to solve many of the growing healthcare problems in America, including the national average wait time of 29 days to see a primary care Physician.

“Carie is designed to streamline and revolutionize healthcare, not replace independent Physician jobs. It’s time that the independent Physician be allowed to provide telehealth to their own patients, not stand-by and continue to witness the gradual attrition of their practices to the payers, health systems and retail pharmacies,” said President Jack Karabees. The U.S. healthcare system continues to undergo a major transformation. Mobile technologies are changing the industry, federal deregulation has opened the door for true innovation, and increasing patient expectations are challenging Physicians and providers of all types.

Carie is intended to roll-out to 10,000 Physicians and their patients in October, 2018. For more information and updates, please visit www.carie.com

About Carie:
Born out of the Cambridge Innovation Center at University of Miami’s Life Science and Technology Park, Carie is a disruptive mobile health platform that offers a provider-centric telehealth technology for healthcare providers wanting to offer personalized telemedicine solutions to their patients. Carie offers a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based technology solution which enhances any Physician’s, specialist’s or provider’s practice while boosting patient satisfaction and convenience. The Carie platform immediately eliminates the bulk of uncompensated after-hours calls, prescription refill requests, provision of lab results, etc., while providing on-demand after-hours primary care consultations when requested.



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