CaptoGlove® Anticipates Tremendous Showing at Upcoming E3 Show

Company set to introduce newest product releases and showcase groundbreaking integration partner relationships


SHALIMAR, Fla., June 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CaptoGlove®, the world’s first wearable hand machine interface (HMI) for gaming and smart devices, is set to make a major splash at the E3 Conference and Expo next week in Los Angeles, CA.  The company has achieved several business and product development milestones recently that will excite gaming and VR/AR/MR enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Issuance of  CaptoGlove® US Patent and complete registration achieved
  • CaptoGlove®’s most recent release will feature its (prototype) haptic (somatosensory) module
  • Unreal 4.0 SDK – Comprehensive support including Blueprint scripts which will dramatically streamline program developer efforts
  • Unity3D SDK - Support which significantly improves product performance for both 32-bit and 64-bit environments
  • Open VR driver for SteamVR - This feature-set will enable full compatibility with all SteamVR contents

New Partnership Showcase:

  • CaptoGlove® integration within Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) will highlight the exciting DCS: F/A-18C Hornet and Persian Gulf Map for DCS World products from Eagle Dynamics SA
  • Demonstrations of CaptoGlove® interactions with the newest Pimax 8K M1 Headset featuring its market leading 200 degree field of vision (FOV), a 4K per eye clear view and minimized screen door effect, interacted with CaptoGlove®.  The headset creates the most graphically advanced VR experience to date and brings a much more immersive natural and interactive experience.  What a truly amazing EXPERIENCE!

CaptoGlove® requires no additional integration and works seamlessly with all PCs and Smartphones by automatically detecting a wide variety of hand and finger movements. It brings an unrivaled level of realism to gaming by allowing the player to use their hands in the game just as they would in the real-life situation.  CaptoGlove™ works with all past, present and future Windows PC games and any mobile game that allows a controller or gamepad.

CaptoGlove® is compatible with any Windows PC, iOS & Android smartphones/tablets, Apple TV), or any other device that allows Bluetooth connectivity.  It interoperates with all existing head mounted displays such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality and others,  depending on the content desired.

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About CaptoGlove, LLC - CaptoGlove® revolutionizes the worlds of VR/AR/MR, HCI (Human Computer Interface) and HMI (Human Machine Interface).  A stylish wearable interactive motion controller, CaptoGlove® provides easy, fast, wireless connectivity and support for an array of environments - PC’s and other computing platforms, mobile devices and machines of many types.  CaptoGlove® brings a truly immersive experience to LIFE!

Visualization is nice, but NATURAL INTERACTION is the difference-maker.  CaptoGlove™ will replace and/or augment traditional peripherals such as a gamepad, joystick, mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, pen, etc.  CaptoGlove® is a patented, lightweight, wireless glove device that transforms natural movements in digital inputs.  It integrates and supports (certified) Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) technology and is compatible with all modern platforms including smartphones, gaming consoles, myriad VR/AR/MR headsets as well as standard PC/laptops.

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