TORONTO, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Uberflip, a cloud-based content experience platform that creates personalized content experiences at scale, today launched a new suite of functionality to power Account Based Marketing (ABM).  This expansion of capability in the Uberflip platform combines features including a centralized portal making content easily accessible for the whole company, and new templates making it easier for marketers to realize the promise of ABM with little to no help needed from IT or web developers. With 84% of marketers reporting that ABM drives higher ROI than other marketing tactics, Uberflip’s deep dive into ABM helps businesses organize, personalize and scale their content in a much more efficient way.

“We’ve spent the last 18 months developing new solutions that arm marketers with the power to execute ABM campaigns,” explains Yoav Schwartz, CEO at Uberflip.  “These new capabilities in our platform were developed with feedback from great beta customers like Snowflake, Avanti and CollabNet VersionOne. This release allows us to officially check off ABM as a way you can leverage content with Uberflip. The excitement around this ABM release combined with our proven success handling Inbound, marketing and AI, paved the way for interest in our $32 million fundraising last month.”

Uberflip now provides ABM marketers with:

  • A central location to host and organize relevant content accessible to the entire company - making it simple for marketing and sales teams to coordinate.
  • The ability to quickly curate content experiences that engage accounts with assets that are relevant specifically to them with an Uberflip Marketing Stream - a personalized content destination.
  • New Stream Templates that make it easy to personalize the design and branding of Marketing Streams by adding logos and banner images, customizing colors, branding and messaging.
  • The ability to drive traffic to Marketing Streams by allowing sales reps to create a one-to-one content experience they can use for personalized sales outreach.

“Uberflip Stream Templates are instrumental in creating personalized content experiences that extend throughout the customer journey,” said Wes Quintin, Marketing Manager at Avanti Software. “Beyond saving time for our marketing and sales teams, Uberflip helps us to wow our prospects with personalized content that our competitors just can’t offer.”

“We used to send people to landing pages by creating custom, standalone pages on our website,” said Jodi Lebow, Director of Marketing and Demand Generation at CollabNet VersionOne. “We would dedicate our design and development resources to execute these pages and I ended up building out some of them myself. Now, with Uberflip, we’re able to quickly spin up an ABM page in just minutes.”

“At Snowflake, we use the Uberflip Stream templates to create tailored, personalized ABM destinations for each of our prospects. The tagging capabilities help curate content based on personas, topics, industries, etc. and our sales team uses Sales Streams to create personalized one-to-one selling emails,” said Daniel Day, Director, Account Based Marketing, Snowflake.  “We immediately saw results with the use of Uberflip for ABM. We've increased our speed to publish personalized landing pages by a factor of 7x. This has enabled us to generate broad awareness in our top accounts that previously had no engagement because of the high level of personalization and timely, relevant content.”

“Relevant content is the lifeblood of an ABM program. Personalizing the content experience for each prospect is a tedious process requiring a lot of resources today. This only becomes harder as your audience grows in size,” said Yoav Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO, Uberflip. “At Uberflip, our aim is to empower organizations to engage their customers with personalized content experiences across the entire buyer journey. Customers using Uberflip for ABM have reported increased close rates and higher ROI as a result of the platform.”

Uberflip Fundraising
Uberflip recently announced the closing of a $32 million USD Series A funding round led by Updata Partners. The company has consistently achieved strong growth fueled by demand from businesses seeking to turn their large content marketing investments (forecasted at over $300 Billion by 2019) into leads and revenue. To date, Uberflip has added more than 1,000 B2B companies to its customer roster, including Stantec, Schneider Electric, MongoDB, and Pivotal Software.

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