On 12 June 2018, Baltic Holding, UAB, settled accounts fully with the shareholders (the group consisted of Investors’ Association and other shareholders) that were acting jointly in accordance with the Joint Venture Agreement. Upon completion of the transaction, the company acquired the ownership right to 5 047 912 ordinary registered shares of the public limited liability company ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS. The price of the transaction is EUR 2.20 per share.
After completion of the transaction, Baltic Holding, UAB, has, together with the shares managed earlier (665 106 shares) the ownership right to 5 713 018 shares or 11.81 per cent of ordinary registered shares of Žemaitijos pienas, AB. The shares of Baltic Holding, UAB, are managed in equal parts (50 per cent each) under personal ownership right by Algirdas Pažemeckas and Danutė Pažemeckienė. Director of the Baltic Holding, UAB, is Robertas Pažemeckas.

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