New York, NY., June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recall Studios, Inc. (OTC: BTOP) Recall Studios has launched a major update to its AR Hide & Seek game that will allow the company to monetize the app.

The upgrade includes in-app purchases allowing users to buy 3 new packs of assets and interact with them in full 3D augmented reality.  The packs include Realistic Dinosaurs, Wild Jungle Animals and Cartoon Explorers. The players can walk around and play with the assets as if they were in the room.

“Like most kids his age, my 5 year-old is obsessed with dinosaurs.  His reaction to finding a T-Rex hiding in his playroom was a moment of pure joy.  Now I can barely get the game away from him and his friends. This is why we do what we do.”  - Brad Albert, proud parent and President of Recall Studios.

Recall has big plans for AR Hide & Seek -Treasure Hunt and the technology it is built on. The recent unveiling of Apple’s (AAPL) ARKit 2 (  allows the company to advance its technology by creating shared gameplay between 2 devices and players.

Shared experiences allows for a variety of different gameplay options.  The players can hide objects for the other to find or a parent can hide objects and let the children compete to see who can find the most objects. This will foster both teamwork and a healthy sense of competition.

Recall is already developing ways to apply this same technology to new market segments.

“With ARKit 2 we plan to leverage our existing proprietary software to create new experiences that are targeted towards untapped demographics. ” said Justin Morris, COO, Recall Studios  “This follows inline with our current path of creating synergistic partnerships and licensing agreements to create fully integrated branded experiences.”

Recall’s suite of apps and 360 videos have had over 200,000 downloads and views.  The app is live in the Apple App Store in anticipation of Father’s Day weekend. Recall Studios will implement a marketing/advertising campaign to further the success of the app.

Download the app here:

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