Washington, DC, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On the eve of a potentially explosive new report, Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended the termination of the FBI’s top two former executives, declaring that ex-Director James Comey “made a big mistake” that belied a “serious breach of discipline.”

In an exclusive interview with The Hill’s new TV show Rising set to air Thursday morning, Sessions also made clear that he is open to firing more employees if the Justice Department inspector general’s soon-to-be-released report warrants it.

“It was the right thing to do. The facts were pretty clear on it. He made a big mistake and he testified only a few weeks before that termination that he would do it again (announce reopening the Clinton probe) if he had the opportunity. So we felt like there was a serious breach of discipline within the department if we allowed him to continue.”

You can watch Session’s full interview Thursday at 8 a.m. at http://hill.tv/rising 

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David O'Brien
CRAFT | Media/Digital