OrthoPediatrics Corp. Announces First RESPONSE Spine Surgery Performed in Japan

WARSAW, Ind., June 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OrthoPediatrics Corp. (“OrthoPediatrics”) (NASDAQ:KIDS), a company exclusively focused on advancing the field of pediatric orthopedics, is pleased to announce the first spine surgery in Japan utilizing the RESPONSE™ Spine System (“RESPONSE”) through its exclusive agreement with Tokyo-based Robert Reid Inc. The first surgery performed represents OrthoPediatrics’ expansion into the market, providing Japanese surgeons a superior solution to treat the distinct needs of pediatric patients with spinal deformities.

Mark Karshner, OrthoPediatrics’ Senior Vice President of International Sales, stated, “We are extremely pleased by the success of the first OrthoPediatrics spine case in Japan. As one of the largest medical device markets in the world, our expansion in Japan represents a significant step forward in our ability to help children all over the world. Our exclusive agreement strengthens our international market strategy, and we look forward to future procedures.”

Hideo Shitoto, President & CEO of Robert Reid, commented, “Completing the first RESPONSE case in Japan represents a significant milestone for both Robert Reid and OrthoPediatrics. We are excited by our partnership with OrthoPediatrics in order to introduce innovative and dedicated solutions to this market. We look forward to treating many more patients in Japan.”

About RESPONSE™ Spine System
Designed with a complete focus on children, the RESPONSE system offers a simple, technologically advanced system of instruments and implants to treat spinal deformity. The system is intended for immobilization and stabilization of the posterior, non-cervical spine in skeletally mature patients as an adjunct to fusion for the following indications: degenerative disc disease (defined as back pain of discogenic origin with degeneration of the disc confirmed by history and radiographic studies), spondylolisthesis, trauma (i.e., fracture or dislocation), spinal stenosis, curvatures (i.e., scoliosis, kyphosis, or lordosis), tumor, pseudarthrosis, and/or failed previous fusion.

About Robert Reid Inc.
Robert Reid Inc. is a privately-held Japanese corporation headquartered in Tokyo. The Company imports and distributes a diverse range of surgical products from the United States and Europe. Robert Reid also designs and manufactures its own original orthopedic surgical products.

About OrthoPediatrics Corp.
Founded in 2006, OrthoPediatrics is an orthopedic company focused exclusively on providing a comprehensive product offering to the pediatric orthopedic market to improve the lives of children with orthopedic conditions. OrthoPediatrics currently markets 25 surgical systems that serve three of the largest categories within the pediatric orthopedic market. This offering spans trauma & deformity, scoliosis and sports medicine/other procedures. OrthoPediatrics’ global sales organization is focused exclusively on pediatric orthopedics and distributes its products in the United States and 38 countries outside the United States.

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