MONTRÉAL, June 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BonLook is proud to announce the appointment of Marc Sanfaçon as a board member of Montréal-based company BonLook. Mr. Sanfaçon is the co-founder of COVEO and has over 25 years of experience as a senior manager in software development, IT, and computer security technologies. He has been responsible for COVEO's R&D since its founding in 2005 and now has 100 employees on his team. Today, he acts as COVEO’S Senior Vice President of Technology, Research and Development.

COVEO is an information consolidation platform that provides fast, comprehensive and secure access to structured and unstructured information available in a variety of systems and repositories across an organization. This company is one of the first in Canada to market artificial intelligence and machine learning products – two core fields of this organization based in Québec City.

Prior to co-founding COVEO, Mr. Sanfaçon also worked at Copernic, a leading PC search company, and Berclain Group Inc., a major supply chain management solutions provider. With proven experience in the field, he is recognized for leading and supporting complex teams in the development and implementation of large-scale software projects.

“We are very pleased to welcome Marc to our Board of Directors,” says BonLook CEO and Co-Founder Sophie Boulanger. “As a seasoned strategist and leader, Marc knows the challenges of entrepreneurship, one of the cornerstones of our identity. His reputation as a major project manager, combined with his extensive experience in technology, R&D and platform development make him a valuable asset in the development of our tools and infrastructure.”


Bonlook offers an innovative sales experience along with products that have style and unfailing quality. Since its inception, the company has aimed to improve the accessibility of prescription glasses in the goal of creating a must-have fashion accessory with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. Initially launched online, the company now has 22 stores in Quebec and Ontario and plans to reach 50 stores in Canada by 2020. Today, Bonlook defines itself as the ultimate destination to build a covetable eyewear wardrobe designed in Montreal.

Strong of its 300 employees, the company is a perfect example of the omnichannel trend in the retail sector. The strength of this model differentiates Bonlook from other retailers in the field of optics in Canada.

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