MIAMI, June 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Selina, one of the world’s fastest growing hospitality startups, has announced its arrival in the U.S., set to open its first Miami, FL location in Little Havana this September. Blending design-centric accommodation with purpose-built coworking spaces, locally-inspired food and beverage concepts and recreation and wellness offerings, Selina is a global community of boutique destinations for travelers who want to make the world their classroom, office and playground.

Bringing to life the iconic Tower Hotel which had been left dormant for many years, Selina Little Havana is currently being designed in collaboration with local Miami artists and designers. Featuring 62 rooms, ranging from US$20+ per night dorm-style rooms to luxurious US$300+ per night private suites, the property’s handcrafted furniture and original art will be inspired by the Miami culture.

"We are very excited to announce Miami as the launch platform for Selina in the U.S., as a growing city with many interesting cultural pockets,” said Rafael Museri, Co-Founder of Selina. “Selina Little Havana will be the ideal location for digital nomads, long term travelers or those who just want to explore the city for a few days or weeks to immerse themselves in the community - whether it’s meeting locals in our Playground, exchanging ideas in the CoWork, or exploring the city.”

According to Museri, Selina plans to open at least four Miami locations in the next two years. “In total, we’re targeting 150 locations across the U.S.,” he said. “We want to introduce travelers to the unique people, places and communities of the U.S., whether it’s an emerging neighborhood in New York or an authentic regional experience in the Midwest.”

Selina Little Havana will be the brand’s first location to open outside of Central and South America, where it currently operates 25 urban, beach, mountain and jungle-side locations. Across the globe, Selina is also developing new locations in Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Israel, Poland and the U.K., with plans to open in 40 countries in the next five years.

Founded in Panama in 2015 by Museri and Daniel Rudasevski, Selina is purpose-built to enable an increasingly nomadic generation to live, work and explore without boundaries. Before expanding the Selina model throughout Latin America, the duo tested their live, work, play concept by traveling the world over one year, staying in more than 120 hotels, hostels and homes looking for a consistent offering that allowed them to meet new people, experience new cultures and seamlessly live and work anywhere.

“Selina is all about creating communities,” Museri said. “We set out to combine the style and comfort of a boutique hotel with the social environment of a hostel, and the experiences of a retreat or festival. We wanted to bring people together - our guests, staff and locals - by creating an ecosystem that offers everything today’s social traveler needs.”

“In every Selina around the world, we curate stylish live and work spaces, local experiences, volunteer programs, music tours and events for a new generation of more culturally sensitive, globally responsible, economically conscious and socially minded travelers to live, work, play and learn. We’re built for digital nomads, millennials; anyone who wants to connect with others and enjoy meaningful, authentic experiences in every corner of the world.”

Each Selina location is modeled around three key pillars: Nomad, which includes unique accommodations, coworking spaces and communal areas like wellness centers and cinemas; Explore, an inter-property travel concierge and tour operator that connects guests with the best experiences in each location; and Playground, each location’s unique on-site programming from local food and beverage concepts, to concerts, live art events and workshops.

Selina Little Havana is slated to open in September 2018. For further information on Selina, visit

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Selina is one of the world’s fastest growing hospitality brands, combining beautifully-designed accommodations with coworking spaces, wellness, recreational offerings and local experiences for today’s nomadic traveler to live, work and explore anywhere in the world. With a design-centric, technology-first and socially-minded approach to travel, Selina currently operates 25 urban, beach, jungle and mountain-side locations across eight countries in Latin America and is developing a global infrastructure for nomads who want to make the world their classroom, office and playground.

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