Ubiquitech Software Corp CEO Offers Open Letter To Shareholders On The Progress Of The Company

Denver, CO, June 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Ubiquitech Software Corp. (OTC: UBQU), through its operating subsidiary HempLifeToday, offers this open letter from CEO James Ballas to all shareholders. This open letter is to update, inform, and explain the current position of the Company, as well as the plans the Company has for the remainder of 2018 and into 2019.

CEO James Ballas states, “As CEO of Ubiquitech Software Corp and its divisions I thank all shareholders for taking the time to read this open letter and for being part of our growth. Our Company values its shareholders greatly and we appreciate each and every one of you, and while this letter may not cover as much ground as you would like, please trust that there will be more to come and that it is one of my goals to keep you constantly aware of the progress of the Company.

Many emails and phone calls have asked for me to be more open and to let shareholders know more of what we are doing, so, this is my response to all of you as it would be impossible to speak to everyone individually. I know that it is difficult at times to be a shareholder in our type of Company and market space, but as CEO I firmly believe that you are in the right place as we continually work to build the Company into the world class leader we know it can be.

First, I would like to address CryptoBuy.com, our newest division that is currently in development. The filing of all necessary trademarks and patents was initiated in late 2017. The web site could soon be ready for beta testing, and vendor relationships continue to be structured. Software development continues along with solidifying back end positions. We continue to evaluate the direction of this division based on the trends of the industry, our Company resources, and the expertise we can bring on board for this division and we will keep shareholders updated on a regular basis. Please note that nothing will derail us from our primary goals for HempLife Today and the CannazALL brand, and any additional divisions will only be added and developed because we believe they will add value to our Company. We will not proceed in any direction that does not produce. As with the Hemp and CBD industries, the Blockchain and Crypto currency industries are extremely exciting and in their infancy. There are also many questions remaining that need to be answered before the industry and its products become more mainstream. The company continues to develop its platform and assess the industry for the appropriate timing of the launch of the best product we can deliver. In the shorter term, the company has some tremendous opportunities and plans in our core business, and in light of the recent stream of favorable news and positive industry developments, the company believes that the current best use of company resources is in the continued development and expansion of our CannazALL brand of CBD products.

Second, I would to briefly address company debt. The company could not exist without the initial and follow-up funding from a few small institutional investors. These funds have enabled the company to develop our products and corporate structure and grow our sales and earnings to where we are today. This money was provided at a time when most thought that our industry was legally problematic and that our industry would not last. Many things have changed since then and we look forward to more favorable financing terms as we grow the company to the next level. Please look for more information regarding this in the weeks and months ahead.

Since taking our first order for HempLife Today products in December of 2014, we have created a top brand for our CannazALL CBD products, shipped over 80,000 orders, obtained over 50,000 customers and subscribers, experienced consistent growth year over year, sold almost ten million dollars of our CannazALL products, been called one of the top five CBD Companies by Forbes Magazine, and created a footprint that is set to grow even bigger and faster as we move into the months and years ahead. The CannazALL brand has expanded to over a dozen product offerings over this time period. We now have relationships with several different hemp farms with enough acreage available to us to meet any demand in the future, and we’ve secured long term merchant processing to successfully take us into the future as well. We have independent verification of our potency and have added other beneficial botanicals to make CannazALL™ a unique product.

All of  this has enabled the company to not only grow and become profitable, but to offer to the public what we believe to be the best product in the market at a competitive price, and partner with the most loyal customer base one could hope for.

The Company continues to add new products, test new products, and offer the public the CBD based products that are the most popular, and, while the Company currently seeks to be the major worldwide distributor of CannazALL products via Web sales, we do have exciting plans we will be announcing this year that will distribute our products on the largest scale yet. We have stated in the past that the goals for sales are to exceed 50 million per year and we fully expect to achieve this within the next 4-5 years based on current trends. The Company seeks to achieve this through the expansion of our paid media, social media, direct mail, SEO, Affiliate marketing, free trial packs, YouTube channel, improved packaging and shipping, expansion of our call center and more intensive training of our call center staff, and even some great new videos introducing our products on landing pages, the Website, and other platforms featuring your CEO himself. No one can sell our Company any better than a passionate company president and shareholder. My background is in television, so it is time to step it up and put myself on the front lines with our customers, and that’s what you will see.

Yes, we have a lot of work to do but we have come a long way, and we are one hundred percent committed to the success of this Company. We are not just a Hemp CBD Company, we are enthusiasts of our products, and we love to spread the word to more and more people. With all that we have achieved, and all that we have planned these are very exciting times for the Company, and we look forward to this translating positively to the larger investment community as we proceed.

So, as CEO I absolutely want all shareholders to know that we are working diligently in order to achieve all of the above, for the Company, our customers, and of course you our shareholders. I have seen each and every email and contact that shareholders contribute, and I am completely aware of your concerns and needs for the Company to perform and to succeed. Please trust that “we get it” and that we understand some of your frustrations. But, please understand that we are in an industry that involves a constantly changing legal playing field, and while the current legal decisions concerning our industry have been favorable, and we believe this will continue, we still need to be aware of the legalities of our industry and we follow the advice of the top experts in this area. Please trust, that there is nothing that happens in this industry that we don’t know about. Because of this there are times when we need to proceed more cautiously as we grow the Company, and we are not going to put out a frivolous Press Release every time we are contacted by a major Company, or other entity, that is interested in talking with us.

As CEO, I have an obligation to grow the Company in a manner that works for the long term, and I, and our staff, want to see this business continue to grow for decades, not just one quarter, and we will not rush the process and potentially damage what we have created in order to show a short-term gain. Because, it is our belief that doing the things we are doing, and avoiding the pitfalls of the industry, will only help us to better grow and become one of the strongest in the business, and get us to that fifty million, or more, annually.

In addition, I mention again the many contributions and comments our shareholders submit, we appreciate all input offered and are well aware of everything mentioned to us. As CEO I can honestly say that there are very few times a suggestion, or comment, hasn’t already been discussed by the Company in committee and is already under implementation. If not, then there is a reason for that and we ask shareholders to understand this. We know our industry and we know how to grow the Company, and we will continue to do so. We are not perfect, but we have done a great job in growing the Company and we will continue to do so. If a shareholder is unhappy with our results, thinks we should be growing faster or thinks they can do better, then I encourage them to start your own Hemp Company and compete.

In closing I will restate what I have said in the past, and it is important that every shareholder understands this. If you do not like our Company, our products, our structure, our growth, or our management, then please do not invest in the Company. But, if you believe in us, can see our growth and what we have achieved, believe that the Company will continue with all of our stated goals, and believe in our amazing products that are helping thousands, then I encourage you to join us and grow right along with us. There will be ups and downs of course, but to succeed in our stated goals is the driving force of our Company, and as said, I believe you are in the right place.”

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