SAN FRANCISCO, June 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InsideView, a leader in Targeting Intelligence, today announced the launch of its InsideView Marketing Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. The marketing suite is comprised of add-on applications that augment the capabilities available in Dynamics 365 for Marketing to further help modern marketers grow and improve the quality of their pipeline, prioritize leads, find and engage ideal prospects and customers, and support account-based marketing (ABM) programs. The InsideView Marketing Suite includes lead enrichment, list building, data cleansing, and InsideView’s AI-driven external market data and insights. Sales and marketing teams can now align around the same account and lead data by using InsideView add-on applications for Dynamics 365.

According to the 2018 sales and marketing alignment report, strengthening alignment and ABM execution were two of the top three items that sales and marketing leaders had planned for 2018. The same study reported that lack of accurate, shared account and prospect data is the number one challenge preventing sales and marketing alignment. Companies that are aligned see significant business benefits, such as 36 percent more growth, 36 percent higher customer retention, 27 percent faster profit growth, 38 percent higher win rates, and 10 percent more reps making quota.

Forrester analyst Laura Ramos recently addressed the critical need for good data in go-to-market strategy. “It never ceases to amaze me how companies worry over technology stacks but neglect data strategy. Much of this technology doesn’t deliver results without clean, complete data that represents both the universe of accounts potentially available AND the insights into how to implement the most effective marketing campaigns based for each account or segment,” she wrote in a Forrester blog “Are You Modernizing Your B2B Go-To-Market Strategies?” June 14, 2018.

The InsideView Marketing Suite brings external account and contact data into the marketer’s view to identify new prospects, increase their total addressable market, and better understand their prospects and customers with more complete, current data to support account-based marketing strategies.  The suite leverages InsideView’s proprietary AI-based data aggregation and validation methodology to produce the industry’s most relevant, reliable B2B data and insights. The suite includes:

  • InsideView Enrich for lead enrichment. Adds comprehensive, current account data to incomplete lead records, so marketers can reduce the number of fields needed in webforms, increase fill rates and volume of actionable leads, and score and route leads more quickly and accurately. 
  • InsideView Target for enhanced list-building. Enables marketers to build highly targeted campaign lists of companies and contacts and enable highly relevant messaging. Lists can be filtered on dozens of criteria including firmographics, demographics, industry codes, news, keywords, and more.
  • InsideView Refresh for clean, up-to-date data. Regularly and automatically cleans account data within Dynamics 365, ensuring that both marketing and sales are making go-to-market decisions based on current, actionable data, and offering unparalleled user control over what, how, and when the data is refreshed.

The InsideView Marketing Suite can be further augmented with InsideView Apex, the recently launched go-to-market (GTM) decision engine. InsideView Apex brings together data from Dynamics 365 with external market data, then uses machine learning to discover and visualize market opportunities. Business leaders can use InsideView Apex to discover and size their target market, explore new markets and segments, uncover new target accounts that match their ideal customers, accelerate revenue, and measure their progress as they grow.

“Today, as more B2B marketers use targeted strategies like account-based marketing to expand customer relationships and win new ones, they need a marketing automation solution that helps them identify and engage with the best opportunities,” said Joe Andrews, VP of product and solution marketing, InsideView. “The InsideView Marketing Suite builds on the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing so marketers can tap into our Targeting Intelligence to get higher quality data, make better marketing decisions, and execute more successful targeted marketing programs. As a Microsoft OEM partner, InsideView is always looking for ways to extend the value we can offer their customers.”

“InsideView’s embedded intelligence has been used by many Dynamics 365 for Sales customers and sellers to be more efficient and effective,” said Martin Kostal, Partner Director of Software Engineering – Dynamics 365 Marketing, Microsoft. “We’re glad to see InsideView bringing similar capabilities to Dynamics 365 for Marketing customers.”

The new InsideView Marketing Suite is available today with special bundled pricing. For more information, visit or contact

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InsideView helps B2B companies drive rapid growth with the only platform that empowers business leaders to quickly and confidently make go-to-market decisions. As the market shifts from volume-based to targeted sales and marketing strategies, businesses turn to InsideView to help them identify new market opportunities, align sales and marketing execution, and optimize performance. InsideView's Targeting Intelligence platform, built using artificial intelligence (AI), delivers the industry's most relevant, reliable data trusted by the world’s leading B2B companies. For more information, visit InsideView at, twitter, or read the InsideView blog.