All American Gold Corp. Announces new Officer and Joint Venture in Metrix Skyline Solar

Buffalo, Wyoming, UNITED STATES

BUFFALO, Wyo., June 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE--All American Gold Corp. (OTC Markets:AAGC) Announces today that Bill Schaefer has resigned from the company as CEO and Director. Arlene Meza has now taken the position as CEO and sole Director.

Arlene Meza stated that an agreement has been signed and would like to announce a new joint venture where the company has acquired a 51% ownership in Metrix Skyline Solar for one million restricted preferred A shares of All American Gold Corp.

"We are in the process of setting up funding for $500,000.00 at .005 stock price of All American Gold Corp. for 100 million restricted common shares,” says Meza.

Metrix Skyline Solar has a 65 acre solar panel project in Argentina and is looking to build an eight to twelve megawatt solar farm project.

The official Metrix Skyline Solar Website is and is currently being updated to reflect the company’s partnership and agreement.

The company is working closely with OTC MARKETS and is confident that the caveat emptor will be removed. It has not and will not disrupt business in any way.

"We are eager to let our shareholders know that more updates will be coming shortly. We are looking forward to bringing in new and exciting opportunities and value to our shareholders as we seek to expand into the solar energy world. Solar energy has become the future in taking care of our environment and resources. We are looking forward to making our mark with our projects,” says Meza.

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