Hacken Ecosystem’s Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) Releases Video Explaining The First Accurate Rankings of Cryptocurrency Exchanges Available on Its Site

CER Video describes a unique analysis of crypto exchanges basing on liquidity, compliance and reliability, public opinion, technical, infrastructure and cybersecurity level


KIEV, Ukraine, July 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hacken Ecosystem’s Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER), the first accurate, high-precision rankings of cryptocurrency exchanges, today issued an official video explaining the site’s analysis and its benefits for crypto investors, traders and other users.

CER’s rankings are based on a broad range of analyzed parameters of risk evaluation available at Cryptoexchangeranks.com.  The site, which will be free for two months and then available only by subscription, offers rankings and risk assessments of top crypto exchanges that significantly enhance everyday investments and the cryptocurrency trading decision-making process. For example, the platform will enable users to determine whether 24-hour trading volume of an exchange is fake or not.

The video also describes the modern shift from capitalism to crypto economy and its prerequisites. It explains the fundamental principles of how crypto economy works, its main problems and how CER is going to solve them.  

“The video will help our customers to understand and analyze the detailed and intricate rankings our site provides on nearly 200 crypto exchanges,” said Dmytro Shestakov, CEO of CER. “Our site is a reliable and accurate one-click destination that houses every pertinent indicator of the value of every existing cryptocurrency.  This is urgently needed since no one controls and regulates the liquidity of the crypto exchanges. As a result, profits are being made by playing against investors on bull and bear market trends.”

Dmitriy Budorin, CEO of Hacken, said: “Cryptocurrency exchanges are the backbone of the whole emerging crypto economy. CER will contribute to its healthier development. We hope that with CER, the exchanges will start taking their cybersecurity more seriously and refuse any bad practices, while users will receive comprehensive tools for smart decision making.”

The rankings are based on a thorough analysis of broad risk areas such as liquidity, compliance and reliability, public opinion and cybersecurity level. The platform offers access to analytical information that is collected, systematized and processed using specifically developed algorithms and mathematical models.  CER conducts continuous research on a broad array of data which is subject to in-depth analysis and processing using advanced approaches of economic-mathematical modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and cybersecurity assessment.

CER analytics bring value unavailable anywhere else to individual and institutional investors, brokers and traders and crypto exchanges and regulatory bodies. Version 1.0 offers:

  1. Rating service: liquidity, public opinion, withdrawal and limits, cybersecurity
  2. Liquidity real-time analytics: effective quotes calculation, trading volumes aggregation, markets comparison customized tool, market depth analysis, arbitrage opportunities identification
  3. Exchanges’ hot and cold wallets blockchain balance dynamic analysis

About Hacken 

The Hacken Ecosystem is a community-based business organization consisting of the HackenProof bug bounty marketplace, Crypto Exchange Ranks, HackIT annual conference and Cybersecurity services division. Hacken utilizes its own token, named HKN, for a full stack of countermeasures aimed at reducing threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks by eliminating or preventing them. For more information, visit https://hacken.io/.

About CER

Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) Crypto by Hacken is the first complex and sophisticated rating service which provides all-inclusive, objective crypto exchange rankings.  It is a true gamechanger in the cryptocurrency industry.

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