ST. GEORGE, Utah, July 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wilson Electronics, the industry leader in cellular boosting technology, today announced the launch of the weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet - a powerful cell signal booster specifically designed for fleet vehicles. Built for fleet vehicles including police cars, government or commercial vehicles, delivery trucks and more, the weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet is priced at $499.99. It boosts 4G LTE and 3G signals for all cellular devices in the vehicle on all carriers simultaneously so fleet staff have the signal strength they need to communicate and stay connected with others on their team.

The Drive 4G-X Fleet boosts signal strength for cellular-based fleet tracking devices, enabling fleet managers to more effectively track vehicles, even in weak signal areas. It increases cellular range, provides the fastest available data speeds and improves call quality. In addition, the Drive 4G-X Fleet enables faster mobile payment processing, making it possible for operators to close out payments, regardless of if they are in a location with poor signal. It is compatible with all U.S. wireless carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Straight Talk and more.

The Drive 4G-X Fleet’s kit includes a high-performance New Motorola (NMO) antenna, which requires professional installation. This powerful antenna enables the maximum Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-approved 50 decibel (dB) system gain, which enhances 4G LTE and 3G network signals up to 32 times.

“Fleet vehicles are always on the move, but unfortunately, good cell signal is not always available, making it difficult for fleet operators to stay connected,” said Bruce Lancaster, CEO at Wilson Electronics. “More of today’s fleets rely on cellular systems to maintain efficient operations.  We designed the weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet specifically for fleet vehicles so teams can enjoy stronger cell signal for uninterrupted data and voice connectivity, helping their businesses serve their customers more effectively.”

How it works: The Drive 4G-X Fleet’s outside antenna accesses all cellular voice and data signals, including 4G and 3G, and sends them to the booster. The booster receives the signal, amplifies it and serves as a touchpoint between the user’s phone and the nearest cell tower. As a result, devices get a stronger signal, and calls and data are fed through the booster back to the network.

The weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet is available for purchase now at for $499.99. Like all weBoost products, the Drive 4G-X Fleet comes with a two-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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