SAN FRANCISCO, July 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alpine Dam a leading Marin headwear brand founded in 2016 is proud of being selected to provide 3 new styles to this year's runners. The Angry Owl races are conducive with Alpine Dam’s mission to encourage and embody healthy life style. Partnering with an innovative and exciting series such the Angry Owl race series is point of pride for Alpine Dam.

About Angry Owl Ultra Marathons

Angry Owl Ultramarathons are a Crusty Cap production; Crusty Cap endurance footraces are unapologetically simple and minimal events. They aren't flashy, and there is little to no hoopla. They don't offer medals or t-shirts and the aid stations may not have all of your favorite goodies. Instead, they focus their attention on providing an experience that runners can look back on and smile. If you come out to a Crusty Cap race, you can expect to spend the day with like-minded runners who aim to push the limits of their bodies, and you'll leave the course with a bunch of new friends.

Crusty Cap races provide an opportunity to run far, have fun, make friends, and do things that you thought your body couldn't do.

Angry Owl is an event that features 24, 12, or 6 hour endurance runs over a flat one mile loop being held at Bush's Pasture Park in Salem, Oregon. Think of of a jog-a-thon like you had in elementary school, but on a much larger and more fun scale. This year’s race is being held on Saturday and Sunday, July 28-29, 2018.

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For additional details Run Oregon provided a race preview:

About Alpine Dam
A place, a mindset, an escape—Alpine Dam brings premium hats that represent our passion for the outdoors and Marin, California. Alpine Dam provides hats direct to the consumer and also created co-branded head ware.

Inspired by a unique Northern California lifestyle, where one can participate in seemingly any sport they desire almost year-round, Alpine Dam offers a level of energy that is contagious. You may see that person running Mt. Tam in the rain, surfing the frigid seas at Rodeo Beach or pushing their limit cycling the Seven Sisters—we take inspiration from those people and the tenacity exhibited by their level of concentration.

Alpine Dam works to express this passion, creating a community through high-quality headwear that embodies this enthusiasm, regardless of where they live. The location, the colors, the feeling that is ultimately universal, but few can appreciate. 
Founded and Designed in Marin, California.