Boozy Boomers Far Outwine Millennials; Parents Drink More Wine After Having Children Than Before, Says New Cameron Hughes Wine Survey

Inaugural “Wine Drinking Habits” Survey Results Reveal Consumer Wine Trends

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SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Is drinking wine when pregnant still frowned upon? Who’s more likely to get in the “mood” after drinking wine? Do we drink more wine before or after kids? Cameron Hughes Wine, the No. 1 best-selling online wine brand that bottles fine wines from around the world into “Lots” for a fraction of the price, released results from its inaugural “Wine Drinking Habits” survey.

According to the survey of 1,032 consumers polled in June, wine turns women on more than men! Women (18 percent) are twice as likely to get in the “mood” after drinking wine compared to (9 percent of) men.

Additional survey insights include:

  • Pour one out for parents! Parents drink more wine after having children (22 percent) than they did pre-kids (18 percent), and parents with children older than 12 years old (15 percent) drink more than parents of grade-schoolers (3 percent) or parents of babies/toddlers (4 percent).
  • Hold your wine glass, preggers! American men and women agree (65 percent) that women should not drink wine while pregnant, while 35 percent believe it’s ok to drink wine on occasion.*  
  • Boomers are drinking more wine than Millennials! Boomers are twice as likely to drink wine four or more times per week (15 percent) than Millennials (7 percent).
  • No post-workout wine! Seventy-eight percent of people think drinking wine post-workout defeats the purpose. BUT – gasp! – men (24 percent) are more likely to unwind with a glass of wine after working out than women (only 20 percent).
  • People prefer their wine at home! Sixty-five percent of consumers prefer to drink wine at home versus only 35 percent who mostly drink wine at a restaurant or bar.
  • Women are toasting with Toto! Women are twice as likely to drink wine at home with a furry friend (pets) than men (11 percent vs. 4 percent).
  • Click, ship and sip wine from online! Ten percent of consumers buy wine online, while 21 percent would purchase wine online if they knew more about it.
  • How much is that bottle in the window? Majority of wine drinkers spend less than $15 on a bottle of wine for themselves (66 percent), and between $15-$25 when gifting a bottle of wine (40 percent). Women (53 percent) are more likely to regift wine than men (43 percent).

“As one of the top online wine retailers, we already know drinking wine is a huge part of American culture, so we wanted to shed some light on consumer habits,” said Jessica Kogan, Cameron Hughes Wine co-founder and chief digital officer. “This survey helped us dig in to juicy opinions on wine. For instance, in other countries, drinking while pregnant seems to be the norm, but it’s interesting to find out what Americans really think about it.”

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*Survey finding based on public opinion. Please consult your doctor before consuming alcohol while pregnant.

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