Sidetrade was awarded the Futur40 prize by Forbes magazine on Wednesday 11 July 2018 at the Pavillon d'Armenonville in Paris, as part of the International Finance Forum organized by Paris Europlace. This fifth edition of the Futur40 trophies took place under the auspices and in the presence of Olivia Grégoire, Deputy of Paris, and Chairman of the Special Commission on the Pacte draft law.

Forty companies, excluding financial companies, were distinguished by Forbes France for their revenue growth and the originality of their business model, based on data provided by Morningstar, in partnership with PME finance-Europe Entrepreneurs, the consulting and audit firm RSM, F2iC and Paris Europlace.

Jean Rognetta, director of the editorial board at Forbes France, said:

While artificial intelligence algorithms are triggering a new and profound transformation of how companies work, Sidetrade has shown it has mastered the disruptive trend. It is one of the few racehorses listed on Euronext Paris for those who want to bet on AI. »

Olivier Novasque, founder and CEO of Sidetrade Group, declared:

We are honored to receive the Forbes Futur40 award, proof of our team's boldness and pioneering spirit, and our technological lead in artificial intelligence. Sidetrade has seized this tremendous growth opportunity for years to come by democratizing the use of AI in companies seeking to increase their competitive advantage in their markets.  With this award, we would also like to thank our customers and shareholders who have successfully accompanied us in this wonderful adventure. »