Advantis Corp Sees Quarter Over Quarter Revenue Increases After New California Packaging Laws Take Effect

NEWPORT BEACH, CA , July 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) is leading the charge in helping cannabis proprietors become compliant with the California cannabis law that went into effect on July 1st. Advantis’ flagship product, Amster-Can, is helping to fuel the marketplace’s ability to adhere to current law, which advances the company’s further expansion and delivery of consecutive quarterly revenue records, as a result. The company is also now offering a new size of Amster-Can that is a see-through plastic container with a child-proof lid.

The California packaging law that took full effect on July 1st, requires proprietors to deliver all cannabis products in properly labeled, tested, and child-proof containers. There are a few options in the marketplace, but none offer the patented, nitrogen sealed, child-proof, branded and compliant label that Advantis provides in Amster-Can. Advantis has become the top packaging choice of cannabis suppliers in Southern California, and is significantly benefitting from the cannabis law that just went into effect. “There are dispensaries that had to destroy hundreds of pounds of product on July 1st because they were not packaged properly and could not be kept fresh long enough to do so because of how they stored it,” said Advantis CEO, Darren Cherry. “It pains me to hear some of these stories. This is why we are expanding into these two new locations. These people need us there.” Cherry announced last month that the company is in the process of securing canning locations in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Cherry says that he has been preparing for this immediate demand created by the California law, and has the larger machines constructed and standing by. “Our Board discussed what this law means and how to prepare for the immediate demand, months ago,” Cherry related. “We now have two additional large canning machines that were constructed for us that are ready to be moved into the locations and will be at full capacity immediately. This will practically triple our California Amster-Can revenue overnight, and allow us to expand our product and service offerings through our growing family of clients and partners.” Cherry shared that he is in the final stage of securing both properties.

Cherry took a moment to update the status of projects that are in development for Advantis, and what he sees in the foreseeable future. “We have some exciting things developing, and I have an amazing team working in fantastic rhythm to make them happen,” Cherry explains. “We have a new can size -- a see through can with child-proof packaging, making it three can sizes and options we can offer now. I’m excited to see the Pet Division launch soon. We have some new products that we’ll be delivering through our marketing channels and partners; We’re finally in the process of establishing a more robust digital presence; There are potential partnerships and agreements that will rapidly expand segments of our business; and we are making progress toward our goal of becoming a fully reporting company by the end of the year.” Cherry has previously announced potential partnerships and agreements with organizations, and says most of these negotiations are ongoing because of the nature, security, and complexity of the agreements, saying, “We are nurturing these relationships while staying focused on what propels our business and vision: revenue. We are seeing 20-25% quarter over quarter growth in Q2, and already ahead of that only two weeks into this quarter. The rest of the year is looking even brighter as all of our hard work continues coming to fruition,” Cherry concluded.

Advantis wishes to thank Investors Hangout for mentioning the company in their podcast.

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