PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., July 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ACETO Corporation (NASDAQ:ACET), an international company engaged in the development, marketing, sale and distribution of Human Health products, Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Performance Chemicals, today announced that the United States Court of Federal Claims issued a decision in Acetris Health, LLC v. United States, invalidating the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs interpretation of the Trade Agreements Clause, which had resulted in the termination of 11 VA contracts with Acetris Health, LLC, Aceto’s subsidiary, because the products contained ingredients sourced from India, based on alleged non-compliance with the Trade Agreements Act’s “Buy American”  requirements.

Finding in favor of Acetris, the Court granted a declaratory judgment establishing that under the Buy America Act the agencies are permitted to buy domestic end products, including commercial off-the-shelf products like generic drugs, that are manufactured in the United States, even if their components are not all manufactured in the United States. Although Department of Defense contracts were not at issue in the case, the decision also impacts Acetris’ ability to supply DoD with its products.  The government has 60 days to appeal the decision. 

Commenting on the ruling, William C. Kennally, III, Chief Executive Officer of ACETO, said, “We are gratified that the Court agreed with our position that the U.S. government is permitted to buy domestic commercial off-the-shelf products like generic drugs that are manufactured in the U.S. even if they source active pharmaceutical ingredients from India and China. Assuming either the government does not appeal, or the decision holds on appeal, we will be able to pursue business opportunities to supply generic drug products to the U.S. government as before along with our domestic manufacturing partner, sourcing active pharmaceutical ingredients from India.”

Acetris Health was represented by Stephen Ruscus and Donna Lee Yesner of Morgan Lewis LLP.


ACETO Corporation, incorporated in 1947 and with offices and operations in 10 countries, is engaged in the development, marketing, sale and distribution of Human Health products (finished dosage form generics and nutraceuticals), Pharmaceutical Ingredients (pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients) and Performance Chemicals (specialty chemicals and agricultural protection products).


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