ATLANTA and CUPERTINO, Calif. and WASHINGTON, July 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Domaining is still as popular today as it was during the dot-com boom. Ask Michael Gargiulo, founder and CEO of, because he now owns the record for the 7th largest domain purchase in the world. Premium, three-letter dot-com domain names are rare and extremely expensive, which makes this no small feat.

“I knew I wanted to purchase in 2011. After a seven year pursuit, we finally acquired the name from an owner in Cupertino, California or the heartbeat of Silicon Valley, Apple and Steve Jobs,” Gargiulo explains.

“In 2011, your privacy and security were rarely spoken of. Now, privacy is sweeping through world headlines and cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. We set out to help people protect their information but had no idea that we would set records and experience near-perfect market timing on the way.”

Records, however, were exactly what happened. According to DNJournal, represented the 7th largest domain name transaction in 2017.

“Before July, 2018, we never disclosed our purchase price,” Gargiulo infers. “But with a record being set for an exact match domain name acquisition, it’s only fitting to do so. We acquired for $976,730 USD, making it one of the most expensive domain name purchases of all time.”

Premium, dot-com domains are fairing record-breaking prices across the world. This has lead many longtime owners to sell their domains and in turn has opened up high-quality inventory to other domain investors and superior end-users.

Over time and with the correct business model, I believe that exact match dot-com domain names create a permanent competitive advantage,” he says. “I knew the VPN domain was extremely undervalued, and based on our recent influx of acquisition offers from highly respected names in VPN, tech and cybersecurity, the market agrees. With certainty, thanks to our domain, this interest will only multiply with time.”

Gargiulo plans to use to help 1 billion people protect their privacy by 2025 and it appears he’s armed with the perfect brand name to accomplish this feat. aims to build the for the VPN industry and eventually many other sectors of the privacy and cybersecurity software markets.

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