SAN FRANCISCO, July 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sonic, the largest independent internet service provider in California, has announced it is expanding its Gigabit Fiber internet service to new San Francisco neighborhoods including parts of Excelsior, Mission Terrace (Outer Mission), Crocker Amazon, as well as Northern Daly City. Pre-orders are now available on the Sonic website, and installations will begin in late summer. Residents can get to know Sonic, check service availability, and order today at

With this rollout, Sonic will offer unlimited, uncapped, symmetric Gigabit Fiber internet plus international home phone service starting at $40 per month. Residents and businesses in these neighborhoods will have access to Gigabit Fiber internet connectivity, which streams at up to 1000Mbps--20 times faster than the average download speed in America. Gigabit provides faster download and upload speeds for seamless video chatting, improved online collaboration, and a flawless streaming experience.

“This latest expansion underscores the continued demand we see for affordable, high-speed internet across the Bay Area,” said Dane Jasper, co-founder and CEO of Sonic. “We believe all consumers should have more choice when it comes to selecting an internet provider in their local communities. Today’s expansion brings us one step closer to our goal of making faster, affordable internet a reality for all Bay Area residents.”

This announcement follows Sonic’s earlier expansions in the Mission, East Bay, and other key Bay Area neighborhoods as the company continues to lead the charge in delivering Bay Area residents and businesses the fastest, cheapest internet available. Local businesses like Madison Reed, Awayco, Pizzetta 211, and Andytown Coffee Roasters all depend on Sonic’s Gigabit Fiber for high-speed internet connectivity.

“In the world of ISPs, there are many choices,” said Matt Darling, VP of Engineering at Madison Reed. “When you factor in customer service, reliability, speed, and net neutrality, Sonic delivers and supports the values that empower communities and businesses in the Bay Area to grow. These are the reasons why, when we first saw the trucks in the neighborhood, we called and switched our primary uplink.”

To order Sonic Gigabit Fiber service, please visit or call 1-855-757-6111.

About Sonic
Sonic is the largest independent Internet Service provider in Northern California, and has extensive experience operating Gigabit Fiber networks. Businesses like Madison Reed, Awayco, Pizzetta 211, and Andytown Coffee Roasters already depend on Sonic for fast, affordable internet. For more information about Sonic, please contact Nectar PR at 415-399-0181 or email

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