NetBeez 1.4 delivers enhanced WiFi monitoring

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

PITTSBURGH, Pa., July 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NetBeez, which offers network monitoring tools from the end user’s perspective, announced the release of version 1.4 of its sensor-based network performance solution. The wide adoption of WiFi networks across every industry has increased the load of troubleshooting challenges placed upon network and wireless engineers that support end-users.

The new version of NetBeez enables engineers to collect precise and continuous information on WiFi networks, from the client perspective. Data available to users includes signal strength, BSSID, link speed and quality of any SSID; this information is being used by many enterprises and local governments across the world to proactively detect and troubleshoot WiFi connectivity and performance issues.

“Troubleshooting without sufficient data points is like fumbling around in the dark,” said Dave Kruger, Network Architect at NEC XON, a Systems Integrator that has been providing custom ICT solutions and security services in Southern Africa since 1996. “We have deployed NetBeez WiFi sensors in our corporate locations here in South Africa and have found their data accurate to capture the end-user experience. The data from the WiFi sensors shed a light on metrics that we weren’t able to capture before with traditional network monitoring tools based on SNMP and NetFlow. Thanks to the active and end-to-end performance tests run by NetBeez, our support team can now save time and resources in addressing remote network performance issue on WiFi, and Ethernet, networks.”

The design of WiFi networks doesn’t end once the network is implemented and operational. Delivering a great end-user experience on WiFi requires continuous monitoring that captures data on network performance and availability. The information reported by WiFi management platforms is useful to detect and correct hardware and software configuration issues, but cannot provide useful information from the client perspective.

"If you want to measure WiFi from the client's perspective, then NetBeez is a top choice for providing those WiFi metrics for wireless network engineers," said Rowell Dionicio, co-host of and Managing Director at Packet6, a wireless solutions provider in the Bay Area. “WiFi is a mission critical service and main point of connectivity for everyone. To provide a high level of end user experience, we must gather connectivity and performance data with NetBeez sensors deployed closest to the users.”

NetBeez’ WiFi monitoring collects WiFi performance data from the client perspective via hardware sensors that are deployed to office locations and other congregation points where reliable service must be assured. Each WiFi sensor connects to an SSID, running user-defined tests and measurements to web and cloud applications continuously, keeping track of real-time and historical performance. Thanks to the data reported and displayed by the sensors on the NetBeez dashboard, wireless engineers are able to proactively address performance issues before they negatively impact end users.

“Our first release of WiFi monitoring goes back to May 2015, when we first released the 802.11n monitoring sensor,” said Panickos Neophytou, Chief Technology Officer at NetBeez. “This new release includes a dedicated workspace where data from multiple WiFi sensors is aggregated on a per-SSID basis. In this workspace, wireless engineers can access information from all the 802.11ac sensors deployed in the network and easily compare performance metrics from different locations, identifying problems faster than ever before. This is a feature that will bring immediate benefits to all of our customers that have many WiFi sensors deployed in their network.”

The new release of NetBeez is now available to all customers that have an active subscription of NetBeez Enterprise.

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NetBeez, Inc. is a network performance monitoring company delivering a scalable monitoring solution that continuously simulates user connectivity on Ethernet and WiFi networks. Dedicated hardware sensors or software agents simulate end users and enable proactive identification and troubleshooting of complex network issues, helping to significantly reduce IT's time to resolution. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at @NetBeez.


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