National Business Group on Health Launches Major Initiative to Enhance Employee Engagement with Health and Well-being Programs

More than 20 Major U.S. Employers and Industry Partners Will Participate in the Leadership Forum on Employee Experience

WASHINGTON, July 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Business Group on Health, in collaboration with more than 20 major U.S. employers, today announced the launch of the “Leadership Forum on Employee Experience,” a major initiative to bolster employee engagement and improve their experience with employer-provided health and well-being benefits and programs. 

“Employee engagement is a major concern for large employers and understanding how to best use their benefits is complicated for many employees. That’s the primary reason we are developing this group,” said Ellen Kelsay, chief strategy officer at the National Business Group on Health. “This pressing priority, coupled with the emerging capability of big data and predictive analytics to forecast employee needs and the growing use of personalized, just-in-time technology solutions, is creating a ripe opportunity for employers and experts to come together around cutting edge strategies and tactics that can enhance the employee experience with their health and well-being benefits.”

The Leadership Forum on Employee Experience convenes more than 20 leading companies and industry partners. Together, with the National Business Group on Health, the Leadership Forum will identify strategies for employers to personalize, simplify and communicate information about their health benefits and well-being programs and deliver it in ways that employees want and appreciate. 

The specific strategies the Leadership Forum will focus on include: personalizing employee communications; using data and analytics; incorporating mobile technology and digital platforms; integrating the delivery system and point solutions; employing health advocacy navigator and concierge services; and optimizing health plan design and incentives.

The launch of the Leadership Forum on Employee Experience comes at a time when individuals are struggling to understand the health care system and how to best use their health and well-being benefits. The 2018 Consumer Mindset Survey from Alight Solutions and the National Business Group on Health, for example, found only 53% of individuals can understand and manage how they get health care services while just half understand and manage how to pay for these services.  What’s more, a quarter of consumers say the health care system and benefits are so difficult that they give up and just hope for the best.

“These are alarming findings and ones that employers should take note.  The Leadership Forum seeks to reverse these statistics and create an easier, more seamless health care experience for employees and their families,” said Kelsay.   

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