NEW YORK, July 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “NASH HOLDINGS INC” (NHI) “The Company” based in NY, announces a new launch of its U.S. precious metal exploration and development company, NOMAD EXPLORATION (NE) also based in NY.  Investors are now “GETTING IN” for as little as $25k minimum amount(s).  “NE” is co-owned by Robert Nash, Chair and Founder of NHI.  NHI is filed with the U.S. Congressional JOBS ACT “General Solicitation” Regulation “D” “506C” with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission with anticipation to add a side-by-side filing with Regulation “C” (crowdfunding).

About NOMAD EXPLORATION: “We started NOMAD EXPLORATION after attempting to work with gold and precious metal distributors internationally, unfortunately finding non-transparency, possible fraud and many bad actors.  Always staying focused in the U.S. for possible exploration endeavors, for building loyalty and trust, 100% transparency, maintaining full control in the U.S. which we believe is essential for American Investors and international Investors to feel safe and confident while expanding our impeccable reputation.  By placing together, the key essential professionals and by hand selecting each of our lode claims with geological pathfinders proven to provide mineralization being required for our anticipated profits and growth, as our first assay reports showing positive parts per million (ppm) by an independent laboratory revealing platinum and positive findings of gold, copper, silver, palladium and other precious metals is very impressive and adding incredible value to NHI.  Utilizing many sciences including the newest technologies and a big “Secret Weapon” key for our success, we are now inviting worldwide Investors to “GET IN EARLY” with minimal Investments of $25K for unlimited units, until 35% is secured for the first 1,000 acres and lode claims currently filed.  Investors will also receive $1 per NHI common future shares with an Investor subscription agreement, part ownership of land mineral rights including rights to the land, prospecting, camping, hiking, including additional advantageous opportunities anticipated for years to come with both NHI and NE,” stated Robert Nash.

Utilizing all available resources to locate a mineralized open area before sending our surveyor to the site to collect samples, a valid mineral discovery is proven, we then put the stakes in the ground and file the required documentation with the BLM and each respective county.  We know our rocks, mineralization and ore deposits and can only base our potential tonnage on width and length dimensions.  Drilling being the third dimension giving us a better idea of total tonnage and ore grade that can be converted into dollars at today's prices.  A detailed NE presentation video, business plan/doc and first 50 lode claims/doc link view here:  for a video presentation view here:

NE investing over $4MM altogether, which includes all maintenance, U.S. Federal and State Bureau of Land Management (BLM) fees, required county fees, development-equipment, fuel, soil and rock samples, assay reports, land-air surveying requirements, road construction, helicopter costs, real estate expenses, rock and metal examinations, technology, transportation, consulting, international required travel/lodging and other ancillary costs. The Company is now gearing up to file an additional 20,000 acres targeted in the western U.S.  Currently completing the first incoming approved Investors for the present 1,000 acres and expanding into 4,000 acres is just the beginning.  Besides precious metals and gems, we anticipate starting a decorative rock business as well for many different needs from landscaping, structures and fireplaces, the uses are endless, quartz is all over NE’s lode claims in pumpkin sizes for example.  Some of NE’s filed claims have now become even more valuable due to the recent purchase of nearby desert lands through “The Bill & Linda Gates Foundation” of 80,000 acres for a future new “technology city”.   Recently adding to our success and team are Gonul Yuksel, Berkan Ercan in U.S. and Turkey, also Adam Greenwell in New Zealand all succeeding with introductions with international Investors to NHI being an additional quick positive boost, all are part of our Executive Team.

About NASH HOLDINGS INC (NHI):  The Company foundation is in development of precious metal exploration now launching NOMAD EXPLORATION (U.S.), ALIVE ALOE - New Whole Bodies, Drinks Foods, U Do It Credit Fixer (book/course), CNAC (Movie Entertainment Production) several managing ownerships with businesses with private airport and manufacturing development with over 100 acres, real estate development with commercial & luxury residential investments, orthodontic dental appliances, international gold & precious metals wholesale distribution/investments (with Nelson Gha NHI Executive, separate from NOMAD EXPLORATION) and other business models.  Nash/NHI is a Member of the Gem & Mineral Society of Syracuse, NY (GMSS).  NHI anticipates a new virtual currency Nash Cash Crypto Coins and a 10-Year Gold Investment Program worldwide with safety net, No Loss structure planned (separate from NOMAD EXPLORATION).  NHI is one of the first companies in the nation to participate with the U.S. Congressional Federal JOBS ACT and has filed with Regulation “D”, “506C” “General Solicitation” with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.  NHI is a past 2013, 2014 and 2015 Featured Gold Member Company with Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA) and its annual Commit!Forum, events, with Fortune 500 CEO’s held in recent past years at the NYSE EURONEXT & NASDAQ  including “Closing Bell Ceremonies” on the trading floor.  Nash started his past Corporate CRA Membership in 2011.  NHI is registered with START-UP in NY State with NY JOBS NOW and works in conjunction with one of the NY State Government START-UP and NY Economical Development Program Board Members directly.  NHI stands against crime, bad actors, discrimination of any form and has an expanding impeccable reputation.

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