David Delrahim Profiled For His Commitment To Employee Wellness

PBS’ Innovations in Medicine Features SoCal Business

LOS ANGELES, July 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Platinum Energy, a Los Angeles-based fuel distributor and car wash operator, will be featured with its CEO David Delrahim on the national PBS television series entitled Innovations in Medicine, airing July 29th locally on KVCR-PBS in Los Angeles.

The interview-style program covers healthcare issues, aiming to educate its audience about the latest medical treatments and discoveries. Platinum Energy was profiled because of its unusual commitment to employee wellness and the hands-on leadership role assumed by Delrahim.

“We usually interview health care professionals, mainly doctors, with the goal of teaching people about the latest progress and breakthroughs in the medical field,” said Roland Perez, executive director of Innovations in Medicine. “In this case, we chose to showcase the Platinum workplace and David Delrahim because it’s extraordinary to see this type of close involvement from a CEO and his commitment to employees’ health.”

David Delrahim, a successful self-made businessman, who resides in Los Angeles, practices a healthy and “mindful” lifestyle and wanted his employees to enjoy the same. He began by offering his team access to nutritionists, paid gym memberships, onsite healthy meals, yoga classes and even workout clothing. He also allowed them to go to the gym and exercise during work hours in case their personal time was too restrictive.

“I wanted to help my team remove the obstacles they perceived to be keeping them from living a healthy life,” he said. “I also wanted them to see that I don’t just encourage it, I live it, too.” Perez said he believes viewers will enjoy seeing the unusual commitment of a CEO, with more than one thousand employees, who provides company time and resources for a healthy workforce. “We see someone who walks the talk in David Delrahim and his employees share stories of his encouragement and their successes,” he said.

Innovations in Medicine is a 30-minute show that features six segments and a diverse range of medical topics. The program has won more than 100 national and international awards, and airs on Public Television, reaching an audience of more than 100 million viewers.

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About Platinum Energy
Platinum Energy, based in Los Angeles, is a full-service, wholesale fuel distributor and car wash operator, serving more than 200 locations throughout the West Coast. Through a fuel supply agreement with Phillips66, the company uses the 76 brand at all its gasoline stations. Currently, Platinum Energy supplies more than 220 million gallons to locations in California, Oregon and Washington. Platinum Energy is the largest independent fuel-dealer organization on the West Coast, with more than 80 locations.


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