NEW YORK, July 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InvestingChannel, Inc. (“InvestingChannel”), the premiere provider of digital media technology solutions to financial publishers and marketers, announced today that it has been recognized with its nineteenth media and advertising award over the past five years, with its recent honor at the 2018 Gramercy Marketing Strategy Awards for its Cryptocurrency Investor Targeting Solution, a unique program within the rapidly evolving blockchain vertical.

InvestingChannel’s latest accolade demonstrates its commitment to expanding the financial services marketplace for advertisers and publishers. “This award really is a testament to our unique ability to focus our considerable resources to pinpoint and deliver a very specific audience to advertisers in an evolving, forward-thinking alternative investor marketplace,” said Jason Stokar, Director of Marketing at InvestingChannel. “Our mission as an enterprise is to identify and reach niche, elusive audiences to allow users and brands to engage and develop relationships and expand the boundaries of the financial industry’s marketing footprint.”

By rapidly developing vertically targeted brand solutions to reach exclusive groups of investors, and aligning to relevant content, InvestingChannel offers financial services companies specialized, alternative marketing opportunities.  For instance, one of its forward-thinking brokerage clients, TradeStation Securities, Inc., integrated trading of CME- and CBOE-listed Bitcoin futures contracts into its trading platform, and to assist in their marketing efforts, conducted a specialized digital campaign with InvestingChannel.

With rapidly expanding interest from investors in blockchain technology, forex, crypto as well as other classes of digital currency, InvestingChannel developed a unique platform for advertisers to reach an audience that embraces alternative investments. The Gramercy award recognizes InvestingChannel’s ability to conceptualize dynamic, multi-tiered executions that open up several avenues marketers can leverage to reach their intended audiences, even at nascent stages of development.  For instance, in order to accommodate cryptocurrency marketing, InvestingChannel coordinated with its data, charts and market screener publisher partners to implement pricing and quote page visualizations on their established, reputable media properties.  

About The Gramercy Institute:
Based in New York, the Gramercy Institute is a leading global think tank for senior marketers from the world’s leading financial institutions and is the world’s largest network for senior marketers from major financial firms.  Gramercy Institute is led by Bill Wreaks, who serves as CEO & Chief Analyst. Its member firms include 38 of the world’s leading financial institutions.  Its network spans a financial marketing community of over 7,000 industry professionals, worldwide.  

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